Stephen Moyer dazzles the teens in The Barrens

Another video clip from Stephen Moyer’s latest film, “The Barrens” from Saw II director Darren Lynn Bousman.  ETonline scored an exclusive clip from The Barrens, which hits DVD, Blu-ray and VOD on October 9!

In it we see the daughter in the film with her friend and her friend seems really interested in the “dad.”  Well who wouldn’t be?


The Barrens had its theatrical premiere on September 28 simultanously in Los Angeles and Orlando, FL. 

The rest of the American fans who would like to see The Barrens on the big screen in their hometown will have to request a screening on

Reserve your tickets HERE ON TUGG.

Order your copy of the DVD by clicking on the image below.

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  1. Well, the roommate is half right.  Stephen is HOT.  But not old!
    Thanks again for the clips!  This looks good.

  2. Stephen sets hearts of all ages aflutter.   I know of a five year old girl that of course has not seen any of his work but has seen magazine pics of him and a peek at previews of TB here or there.  Nothing scary or inappropriate. She says he is pretty and she loves him and they are getting married. I kid you not.  She hasn’t been told about Anna.  :)

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