1. // Everything this season makes me sad. I’m going to be a blubbering mess. I know it already

  2. The posters are coming a bit too fast for me.  I’d like their appearance nicely spaced out.  “Last Call” is my favorite thus far.

  3. Rowena75 “Last Call” is my favorite one too. perhaps i should order the glass while it’s still in the HBO shop for sale. will have to check that one out.
    “last chance” too…sadly.

  4. I love them both! so far, to me, all the posters have been very cool! I hope they give us at LEAST one poster per each of the twelve episodes! 

    getting excited with the countdown getting so much closer….love that you put the countdown here too!

  5. Too bad its over……It was a wild ride while it lasted..It would be nice if HBO would reconsider but I am sure they won’t

  6. Ino girl!! I saw the preview for when its starting on June 22..!!! Theresa Murillo. I was like..Yessss ..but Noooo!!!! lbs

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