Anonymous Stephen Moyer fan donates Christmas show tickets to school

David Zelly and Mark Reed with pupils from All Saints Primary School

An anonymous fan of Stephen Moyer has donated $1000 to the Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fund and bought out an entire performance of the Brentwood Theatre’s Christmas show, The Plotters of Cabbage Patch Corner. The lucky school to receive the free tickets is the All Saints Primary School in Hutton, Essex.

In July criminals caused £700 of damage at All Saints Primary School, by ripping out water pipes and flooding the play area. As a result the annual sports day was canceled. In an effort to soften the blow, theatre management chose to give away 132 tickets for this year’s Christmas show. Mark Reed, administrator of Brentwood Theatre met teachers and pupils at the school and presented them with the free tickets.

Head teacher Linda Dean thanked the theatre for their generosity. She said: “The children and staff are thrilled at the very kind donation from the theatre to allow all the younger children to go to their exciting Christmas show.”

Our fundraiser in support of the Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fund has almost come to an end. September 30th will be the last day to participate in our fundraiser contest to win prizes signed by the theatre’s patron, Stephen Moyer. After that day you can still donate to the theatre but you won’t be eligible to win a signed prizes. So remember to make your donation before September 30th.

Of course you can also make a donation without buying a brick. The total of donations received is now $5400. Thank you all very much!

You can make a direct donation by clicking the below PayPal button or if you want to buy a brick go to the special fundraiser page and follow the instructions.

This PayPal button was provided by Mark P. Reed, administrator of Brentwood Theatre.

For more information and any questions please contact us at
source: Brentwood Gazette

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