Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer sign production deal with HBO

casmEven after the end of True Blood Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer will continue their work relationship with HBO. The couple’s production company CASM has signed a two-year, first-look deal with HBO to develop series, films and miniseries. That may include new starring vehicles for Anna or Stephen as, in addition to producing, the pact includes options for the two to act and direct. With this new deal CASM Films will venture into the world of television.

CASM has several film projects in development, those include Twinkle, to be directed by Howie Deutch and starring Moyer; Pink Hotelbased on the novel by Anna Stothard which Paquin will write and direct; Bury Thisbased on the novel by Andrea Portes who is adapting for Paquin to star; Columbia, written by and to star Denis O’Hare which Moyer will direct; and an adaptation of Martin Millar’s Lonely Werewolf Girl.

So there is lot’s to be looking forward to! And we can hardly wait!

source: Deadline


  1. WOW! this is way cool! along with Denis O’Hare this is a combination sure to make us fans happy and keep the ratings up for HBO. 
    smart of them to sign these two up again. they are a huge draw. can’t wait!

  2. I couldn’t be more happy for the couple. They so deserve this and I hope they have much success!

  3. Just goes to show that hard work, excellent personal and human relations skills and talent will result in positive rewards. I am so happy for CASM Films and for Steve and Anna personally.

  4. I’m very happy for them; this is great news.  It’s still sad to see True Blood end, but nie to see things will happen in the future that we can look forward to.

  5. <gush>
    Even though it was not listed among the upcoming projects, I still hope to see the (King) Bill Compton Show someday!!
    Moreover, this news confirms, in a huge way, that Stephen Moyer (et al) is perceived as a bankable talent and well respected in his craft.  Way to parlay, Stephen!!

  6. Congratulations to Steve, Anna and CASM! Wonderful news.
    HBO is great in recognizing their talented team.

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