Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer appear to at Apple Store in SoHo

Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer are to appear next week in New York City’s Apple store located in SoHo.

You can make a reservation to be there at 8pm on Tuesday, July 15 and meet the couple by clicking on the link below:



Apple Store – SoHo
103 Prince Street

New YorkNY 10012

(212) 226-3126

Driving directions and map

Store Hours:

  • Monday to Saturday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • Sunday 9:00am to 7:00 pm.


  1. I got excited for a minute there we in ( Seattle) have a SoHo district & I thought they were going to be here on Tues. I was going to look up directions & found out it was in NY! :( & I have that day off!

  2. oh just when i though yes finely going to get to meet you guys its not SOHO in london crying in my cornflakes boo hoo xxx love you guys

  3. is there a video for this? I listened to the podcast on itunes but i would love to be able to see them.

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