Anna Paquin to Star/Produce “Madam X” Mini-series

Congratulations to Steve’s missus, Anna Paquin who is negotiating with HBO to star and produce a new series, “Madam X,” a period miniseries based on Kate Manning’s book “My Notorious Life.” She would be executive producing with Stephen through their production company CASM and actor Jack Black through his Electric Dynamite banner.


Written by Julia Hart (The Keeping Room) and to be directed by Lynn Shelton (Your Sister’s Sister), Madame X, which will go through development, is set in Victorian New York City. Described as “a love story, a family saga, and the confessions of a charismatic and passionate woman who changed the lives of countless others”, it centers on Axie Muldoon (Paquin), one of the wealthiest and controversial women of her day. Inspired by the story of an infamous female physician, Axie helped her husband build a thriving midwife business and defied the law in the name of women’s reproductive rights.

Anna, Stephen and Jack Black would executive produce with their partners, Cerise Larkin and Mark Larnin.



  1. OMG I love the looks of this! Too much to hope it might be shot at least in part in NYC? Rebecca Fox check this out!

  2. Congratulations to Anna, Stephen and all who are involved in this exciting venture.  NYC in the Victorian era sounds very good to me.

  3. Yes ! Been frverently waiting for ANNA a new gig ! Can’t wait a weekly dose of ANNA PAQUIN! IT WILL BE GREAT !

  4. Wishing you both all thé best with this new endevour,sounds great: Maureen Browne,penicuik,

  5. Great news but I still miss my TrueBlood ill have to put TrueBlood on in june to re watch from season 1

  6. Wow! How does she do it? Production company {Casmfilms}, HBO projects, husband & twins!!!
    Anna has a full plate! She’s amazing…! x

  7. Anna and Stephen and HBO are sure to get a lot of protests and hate mail because of the controversial subject matter.  I’m sure that they were all well aware of that when they decided to take on this project.

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