Anna Paquin Says Stephen Moyer Is a ‘Natural’ as Director

True Blood’s Anna Paquin recently talked to khaleejtimes where she discusses her career and the difference between working in TV vs. film.  Anna also talks about True Blood and being directed by Bill Compton, otherwise known as her hubby, Stephen Moyer.

When asked about Season 5, she said:

There’s not too much I’m allowed to say about that,” Paquin says, “because it’s our huge cliffhanger for the opening of the season. Obviously Tara is still a part of the show, but there’s not much I can say without telling you exactly how she’s still a part of the show.”

Memorable for Paquin [about Season 5], albeit for a decidedly personal reason, was the season’s eighth episode, ‘Somebody That I Used to Know.’ It was directed by her husband, Stephen Moyer, the first time he’s tackled that task.

“That was awesome,” Paquin says enthusiastically. “He did a great job. He’s a very natural director and had wanted to do it for quite some time. It was great, it really was. I loved working with him.”

Was it at all weird to be taking direction from her husband?

“No, not even slightly,” Paquin says. “He’s my best friend. He’s my favourite person to work with. It was just another aspect of working together.”

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  1. Thanks for providing. Anna’s enthusiasm about being directed by her husband is a delight to read … ‘He’s my best friend. He’s my favourite person to work with. It was just another aspect of working together.”

  2. of course he is, he has been in this field for decades & has his own business in the UK so it was about time he started directing his own films & true blood too. Anna would be a great director as well, she’s been in this industry for awhile too & has an Oscar to prove it :)

  3. I am not surprised by Anna’s reaction, she is a Stephen fan and true Billsbabe just like we are.  Stephen has spent his life working in front of the camera, but he has said how much he enjoys the production end of things. I can’t wait to see episode 8 of Season 5, but I already know he has done an excellent job.  HBO has a multi talents to pull from with Stephen, which I hope then cultivate.

  4. It’s interesting to hear interviews with various actors, some say they really want to direct, and some have no interest in it whatsoever.
    Stephen has always loved the ‘behind the camera’ details of shooting a scene: he has always loved learning about lighting, sound, set design, camera angles, etc.  Anna mentioned in one of the early commentaries that he knew so much about all that, and she had to learn more.
    I am thrilled at her openness and enthusiasm in speaking of Stephen as director.

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