Anna Paquin: “It’s a pretty sweet setup”

sweet setupAnna Paquin explains in the October issue of the British Elle why she is so happy to be working together on the set of True Blood with her fiance Stephen Moyer.

What makes relationships so difficult with my job is all the traveling and being away from your significant other,” says Anna. “Eventually it gets too hard to maintain.

The problem of traveling is not an issue in the Moyer-Paquin household, they have found the perfect solution, living and working together.

It’s great to have the freedom to enjoy your work and not feel like you’re leaving your other life behind,” Paquin says. It’s a pretty sweet setup.

However, a lot of their downtime they don’t get to spend in Los Angeles but in London.”I’m happy with my London-slash-Los Angeles lifestyle with my English boyfriend,” she says.

So, aside from their close proximity on set, where they’ve kept their romance discreet, what was it that drew them together?

It’s not so much about the things you have in common, like the fact that half the television I watched growing up was British TV,” explains Paquin, who was born in Canada, but grew up in New Zealand. “It’s just the shared experience of being foreign in America, a place where you’re sort of expected not to feel foreign.”

For now, the newly engaged couple are happy living the American dream, at their home in Southern California’s Venice Beach, drinking orange juice at a café near the ocean. “I could write a guidebook to spray-tanning,” she jokes. “I’m fully transforming into the Californian babe.


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