Anna Paquin interviewed about CASM Films new show “Flack”


Recently, Anna Paquin was interviewed by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to promote CASM Films new series “Flack.” The series will premiere on February 21 on PopTV in the US and on the W channel in the UK.


Below is a part of the interview and an audio file that you can listen to at the end of this post.

In the interview, Anna is very candid about her life, career and the new show “Flack” in which she is the star and a producer. She was also asked about her acting career as a whole and the production company she runs with hubby Stephen Moyer, Cerise Larkin and Mark Larkin, CASM Films which has produced Flack.

The show that is set in London delves into a high-end PR company’s world. “My character, Robyn, is the go-to gal for really problematic clients. She is fixing and crisis managing issues. It deals with the underbelly and less glamorous end of celebrity and image management and all of that stuff. She is excellent at her job, however, her private life is an absolute disaster. She pretty much does everything she can to torpedo her own life.”

Listen to the podcast and hear why she likes:

  • being a producer;
  • what kind of producer she is;
  • on how producing a limited series is different from producing a movie;
  • balancing family life and career;
  • how she handles a crisis;
  • how winning an Oscar at an early age changed her life;
  • why she has a SWAT team for red carpet events;
  • who’s part of her entourage;
  • how well she manages time;
  • what is her opinion about social media;
  • how she tries to help younger actresses;
  • why keeping up the #metoo conversation is important for the near future;
  • what she thinks about working with an intimacy coordinator on The Affair;
  • how she describes her True Blood family;
  • why keeping fit is important to her; and why she likes CrossFit.

To read the rest of this interview:

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