Anna Paquin in no rush to get married

I wonder how many times Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer will be asked this question: “When is the big day?” Stephen already answered it on several occasions, explaining that they are enjoying their engagement and are in no hurry to get married.

Anna Paquin admits she has never dreamed of getting married. She said: “It feels organic. It’s more about being family that becoming Bridezilla overnight and wearing some big meringue wedding dress. That would scare the s**t out of me. I wasn’t the girl who spent hours dreaming of my wedding.”

Although she is thrilled to be engaged, she is in no rush to walk down the aisle and says Stephen feels the same.

She explained: “We’re not planning the wedding yet. I’m not really that girl, we’re not really that couple. We’re happy and things are good and we’re not on any particular schedule and it’ll happen when we have time. The scheduling factor – my family’s all in New Zealand, his family’s all in the UK…I don’t even know. Not right now.’”

The day after the announcement of the engagement Anna was photographed wearing her ring while walking their dogs Splash and Banjo. ‘I’d barely changed out of my pyjamas and it was eight in the morning and about 40 photographers jumped out of the hedge, it was sort of creepy.’

‘I was like, “You guys are going to get so bored. I ride my bike to my pilates class. I walk my dogs. I ride my bike to meet friends for coffee. I walk my dogs. I’d neither showered nor brushed my hair the morning they leaped out of the bushes, not that I’m massively into hair-brushing, anyway. Neither of us are used to it, so it’s a bit odd.’

When asked what her fiancé is like, Anna answers: ‘Obviously he’s a complete monster. That’s an odd question. He’s lovely. He’s very funny. I’m definitely not on any level attracted to people who don’t have a good sense of humor. That’s how you get through the ups and the downs. The dynamic between Bill and Sookie being what it is, the fascination and attraction made it kind of hard to pinpoint where it ceased to be fiction, because that’s how we’ve always been around each other. But there was no massive revelation moment of, “Wow I fancy you.”’

So what’s it like working with her fiancé every day? ‘I love it.’ She grins, giving a shrug. ‘Otherwise I’d never see him.’

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