Anna Paquin & Cerise Larkin attend LIFF for CASM’s The Parting Glass

.Tonight, Anna Paquin and Cerise Larkin are representing CASM Films at LIFF (the Leeds International Film Festival) tonight. The Parting Glass will be shown and Anna and Cerise will provide a Q&A after the screening.  Below is the first photo of the duo as they answer questions about the film.


Leeds International Film Festival

‘That’s how grief plays out. It’s extraordinarily dark followed by moments of laughter. We wanted to portray those realistic juxtapositions when going through tragedy.’ – @AnnaPaquin on the beautifully touching film #ThePartingGlass due to be released in 2019. #LIFF2018

Learn more about the screening of CASM’s film, The Parting Glass which was directed by Stephen Moyer by clicking here.

Here’s what they say about the film on the LIFF website: The Parting Glass features perhaps the finest ensemble cast of any film this year, every one of whom puts in a perfectly nuanced performance in a heartfelt family drama, warm and funny and heartbreakingly sad in turns. Actor turned director Stephen Moyer directs writer Denis O’Hare, Anna Paquin, Melissa Leo, Rhys Ifans, Ed Asner and Cynthia Nixon in the Parting Glass. The story tells of an estranged family brought back together and forced to piece together old memories and, they deal with an unexpected and sudden loss.

More photos will be added as they come in, so be sure to check back often.

source: Leeds International Film Festival on Twitter

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  1. Thanks for providing, Lynn. The more I think about it, the more it seems so real that a tragedy like a sudden death can spark grief, sadness, feelings of loss, and yet, moments of humor as a family joins together and recalls their memories of the lost loved one, and their interactions with each other.

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