Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer talk racy scenes and modesty patches published interviews with Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer wher ethey talk about their “racy” scenes and even modesty patches.

Nylon MagazineHow’s life as a blonde?
It’s very high maintenance.

It must be…
Yeah it turns out my hair grows really fast and I have really dark hair naturally so, you know, this even the tiniest bit of roots, not okay. But now that we’re wrapped it’s okay because I’m not suppose to look like a natural blonde but not really a fan for sitting still for the hairdresser once every ten days for a couple hours. Makes me feel really vain and nutty.

Do people treat you differently?
It’s such a cliché but yes. I really didn’t think that was going to be the case, but people stare at blonde girls. It’s funny. It’s bright and shiny and it catches the light. Like a magpie.

Do they think you’re less intelligent?
I sometimes get that sense, yes.

Why does the world like vampires so much right now?
The honest answer is I don’t know. I mean they’re dangerous and sexy and most films and TV shows cast very good-looking people which probably helps!

How is it working with your fiancé Stephen Moyer?

He’s great. He’s really talented, and so is every other member of our cast and crew and writing staff and directors I mean, we have, we have such an amazing group of people and it’s a real treat.

You’ve done a lot of racy scenes together. How is Alan Ball about directing those scenes?

He’s not usually around when we’re shooting that stuff. I don’t know if he feels less awkward about asking you to do things with someone that you know, you would optionally do things with. I don’t know. Again, this is the only way I have experience with the show but, our whole cast is really comfortable with each other as far as t he sort of weird and emotionally scary and physically odd places that we go with it. There’s a comfort level with all of us that is really really good and really important and that goes for any kind of scene you know not just the sexy naked stuff, I don’t think that’s important.

Did you have any worries about doing the raunchy material?

I’ve done plenty of not particularly child-friendly work when I was less age-appropriate to do it. So maybe I’ve just never had conservative taste.

Do you work out?

Of course, you know, you do what you gotta do…

What do you have to do?
Okay well genetics were kind, so I’m not gonna say it’s the hardest thing in the world, but of course I work out. If you were going to do your job naked you would probably have very specific opinions about what you look like, as do most actors – particularly ones who take their clothes off on a regular basis or have little outfits that are this big at work.

We keep hearing about the sock (to cover the male actor’s nudity)…
But girls don’t have the sock. Girls have the patch.

The patch, is that glued?
No! (laughs) It’ s topstick, double-sided toupee tape.

That’s like glue?
No, that is not like glue. Glue would be messy and awkward. Topstick is also awkward but less messy. Yeah a modesty patch, or just the patch or the sock. I think they started calling it ‘the sock of destiny’ last season, I’m not entirely sure, I think that might have been a Ryan Kwanten coinage cause he was in little else for most of that season and if I’m not very much forsaken, I think he gave socks to all of the boys on the crew as a wrap gift. He had the wardrobe department make them which I thought was kind of hilarious.

Nylon MagazineHow are you enjoying this crazy role?

I’m having a lovely time, thank you very much.

Is it difficult to have an on/off screen relationship with Anna Paquin?
Our relationship obviously started at the beginning of the show. We got together because we loved being together and created the thing in the first place. So I think this might be easier because the crew has grown up with us, watching us as a couple and we feel comfortable with them. So, we are able in some ways to explore an intimacy which maybe some people aren’t able to.

Was it love at first sight?
No, we both were absolutely single and we were doing this job and HBO puts us in the same hotel. We were the only two out of towners as everybody else lived in LA.

And there’s nothing else to do, right?
[Laughs.] That’s right. There was nothing else to do! No, we just had some time off so we started hanging out together and literally finished the pilot, went home and felt very strange not being together suddenly. And I think we were both really surprised about that. Really nicely surprised by that.

Is it hard not to talk about work non-stop?
That’s a good question. I’ve never thought about that. I don’t think we do. Certainly, I’ve got enough going on in my life that work is not my be -all-and-end-all and it certainly isn’t Anna’s. We do talk about that a lot. Of course we do, but it’s don’t think anymore excessively than any other couple.

Are you comfortable with all the racy scenes? Happy with your sock?
I love the sock! Everyone has got a different size sock, as you can imagine.

What size is yours?
I veer medium to extra large. No, it’s very funny, they brought in a selection of socks to try on and I don’t know whether they were doing it very sweetly, the costume department, like they brought in an extra-small one so that you feel really good. But I wasn’t the extra small which was very gratifying for me.

There’s a fair bit of raunch on the show.
I like the fact that sex is shown in our show, I like the fact it is shown to be true. We show lustful sex, we show loving sex, and then my character does the loving and lustful sex. We’re in a society where it’s ok at 7 o’clock in the evening to see 200 terrorists gunned down by Jack Bauer [on 24], but we can’t see one female nipple unless it’s on cable network and I think that’s ridiculous.

People are scared of nipples?
They can be quite scary can’t they? Especially of the very big ones that look like dustbin lids. But I’m very proud of our show, and that our show embraces it. It’s not a problem for me at all.

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