Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer spotted out and about

Anna and Stephen spotted out and about this Sunday in Santa Monica.



  1. Surely that’s not a recent picture no way she could get her baby bump behind that bag. Last weeks picture of her in that yellow dress she is really big.

    1.  @Piper1715 
      I hope everything is OK because I thought I read that she was due in November unless that was a bogus date to throw everyone off.  There is no way she is hiding the baby bump she had a ComicCon under that purse.

      1. If you look atht he pics from August, she was rather large.  I think maybe the published due date was to throw everybody   It would be the only way to get some privacy..

  2. The original site that the picture was posted on says that it was shot as Anna and Stephen were entering a hotel. If the babies were in fact delivered early (I remember hearing of an early October due date?) as her lack of bump would suggest, I would guess that perhaps the twins are in the NICU getting healthy and Anna and Stephen are staying in a hotel nearby to be close. Of course, that’s all speculation! But I don’t see why they would be entering a hotel with bags if they had newborn twins at home. Stephen was photographed in London less than 10 days ago so if it is true it would’ve happened within the past week or so! Hope everyone’s doing well. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

  3. Just because she wasn’t smiling doesn’t mean she happy or not happy. They don’t look like they are posing for the camera. She might be getting close to having them. :)

  4. Anna does not look pregnant in these photos.  And why would should put the purse in front of her belly if not to hide that she is no longer pregnant?  Maybe because she does not want to be hounded at this time.  Giving birth is exhausting and if she really did have the babies early, their health has to be weighing on their minds.  She doesn’t look very happy so I hope all is well with the twins.  As one mommy to another I will be saying prayers for healthy babies and a happy family.

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