Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer Men’s Health Hot Couple

Eventhough it’s only just February, Men’s Health has published their list of the Hottest Celebrity Couple of 2012.

On number 11 of the list we find our favorite scorching hot couple Paquin-Moyer. The accompaning text however caused me some eyebrow raising. “Moyer remains relatively quiet about how he stays in killer shape…” Huh? Didn’t they read the Men’s Health issue with Moyer on the cover?

11. Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin
To say that Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have gained a lot of public exposure recently would be an understatement. When they’re not nearly naked on True Blood, you can find them completely naked on the cover of Rolling Stone. But they’re taking themselves seriously—when it comes to their fitness, at least.

While Moyer remains relatively quiet about how he stays in killer shape, Paquin has no trouble admitting that she’s not a cheeseburger-eating kind of girl. Instead, she told Self that she’s typically chowing down on fruits and veggies. But she also has another secret up her…well, wherever she keeps them.

One of the ways she reportedly stays fit is by planning workouts she can do anywhere—without having to rely on the hotel “gyms.”




  1. This writer ought to be red-faced once he/she realizes that this same publication did a whole feature on Stephen’s work out routine. And, of course, I’d have put Anna & Stephen at the top of the list, not #11.

  2. Thanks for providing, Shad. Yes, that is an odd statement to make about Stephen since he was on their cover several months ago. We’ve seen enough pictures of them coming from a gym to know they are serious about working out and staying in shape. They look fantastic!

    I agree, Bills4me. They should be at #1.

  3. I think all of us on ASM will agree that Steve and Anna should be #1 and well I guess the author was partying* instead of fact checking details about Steve’s routine. Thank you Shad for the post.

    *or just lazy and after reading Anna’s piece in Self just went on to the next couple (just my hunch)

  4. How crazy that the writer seemingly forgot about the big feature with Stephen not too long ago. That has me shaking my head!

    Anyway, glad to see Stephen and Anna featured.

  5. I’m assuming someone here will write a little letter to the editor mentioning such a lazy obvious gaff? Any subscriber with half a memory is goingto have the magazine sitting on their coffee table. It makes the magazine look stupid.

    They look adorable together and they’re one of the “younger” couple’s I’ve ever seen that are always either holding hands or Anna has her hand on Stephen’s elbow. It reminds me of that couple in the diamond commercial where they walk up behind the old couple?

    That was a fantastic commercial. Great commercials can immpact people as much as any tv show or movie , IMO.

  6. LOL Please don’t hate me for that, but he reminds me a little of Hugh Grant in that photo. (Not that that’s a bad thing … :D)

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