Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer invite True Blood fans to support the Darnell family

Please read the story of the Darnell family.

Kirk Darnell was only 47 years old when he suddenly passed away eight months ago leaving his wife Missi and 5 children behind with no life insurance.

The family was still reeling from this tragedy when on August 30th Missi and her 9 year old daughter Genevieve were struck and killed by a car while walking to a local convenience store. The remaining 4 children have tragically lost both their parents and one of their siblings in 8 short months.

In support of the children, family members have opened the Darnell Memorial Fund and are actively raising funds and spreading the word.

This tragic story was brought to our attention by Stephen Moyer, who learned about it through his next door neighbor who is helping out raising funds for the family.

On October 10th a fundraiser for the Darnell family will be held at the Canal Club in Venice, CA. Tickets are $50 and include free drinks first hour, great food, entertainment, silent auction, celebrity guest appearances and more.

For the silent auction Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are donating several signed items: DVD’s, photographs, and a signed True Blood bag that was given to the actors as a season 3 gift by HBO.

Please consider making a donation and help spread the word. Share this story with anyone that you think can help. Let’s work together to raise the spirits of this wonderful family who has endured an unimaginable amount of loss in the past year.

For more information and PayPal donations visit the Darnell Memorial Fund Facebook page. This page is also accessible for non-Facebook members.

Donations by check can be sent to:

Darnell Memorial Fund
Acct. 3130266046
Antelope Valley Bank, Acton branch
31924 Crown Valley Road
Acton, CA 93510

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