Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer auction signed True Blood items for Darnell Memorial Fund

A few days ago we told you the tragic story of the Darnell family (you can read it here) and how Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer reached out to the True Blood fans to help support the family. Anna and Stephen are donating several signed True Blood items that are being auctioned off on eBay to benefit the Darnell Memorial Fund.

The following items are on eBay:

The auctions end on Oct 19, 2010 @ 16:31 PDT

Autographed Season 1 DVD
Autographed Season 2 DVD



Cast Member Only Tru:Blood Backpack

Please note that is not the Ebay account of Anna or Stephen, but of True Blood’s Nest.

For more information and PayPal donations visit the Darnell Memorial Fund Facebook page. This page is also accessible for non-Facebook members.

Donations by check can be sent to:

Darnell Memorial Fund
Acct. 3130266046
Antelope Valley Bank, Acton branch
31924 Crown Valley Road
Acton, CA 93510


  1. Thank you so much for stepping up and making this happen for these kids! I just moved from Acton and am having a hard time wondering how these kids are going to do! I knew Missi for a couple of years but briefly and we were just starting to get to really start a friendship after her husband passed and our kids were in the same class, both have issues. Bottom line thanks for using your celebrity for a great cause, the work is just begining for this family and I am always Face Booking them! My goal, keep this cause for these kids going strong! Thank you Thank you again:)
    Kind thoughts
    Valerie Darrah

  2. Thank you, Anna and Stephen, for providing these items for auction. I hope a ton of money is raised for the Darnell children. Sending much love their way.

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