Will the Gifted parents get more action in The Gifted Season 2

Could superpowers in the parental units show up in Season 2 of the Gifted?  We already know that Stephen Moyer’s character Reed had his mutant powers suppressed by medical means when he was a boy by his father, but what about his wife, Mrs. Strucker?

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Amy Acker is no stranger to genre television. She has appeared on Angel, Supernatural, Alias, Dollhouse, Human Target, No Ordinary Family, Grimm, Once Upon a Time, Warehouse 13, Agents of Shield and Person of Interest. So, needless to say, she has a better than average idea of what being on a show like that could mean and how just about anything could pop up in the next script. She is currently playing Caitlin Strucker, the mother of two mutants who only recently discovered their powers. In the first season of Fox’s The Gifted, Caitlin and her husband Reed (Stephen Moyer) go on the run with Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) and Andy (Percy Hynes White).

Now that season one is done and talks of season two are happening, Aker would like to see her character become a bit less domestic and see more action. She told TVLine:

This first season was about getting into this world, and now I’m ready for crazy stuff to happen. Not that crazy stuff hasn’t already happened, but my character has stayed pretty much in ‘the Mom realm,’ so I’m excited to see if they let me go outside of that. The reason I’ve always liked doing genre shows is that anything can happen.

OK, this could be great news for Amy’s character Caitlin Strucker, but what about Stephen Moyer’s Reed Strucker?

Would you like to see him be a superhero?  You may remember that in one of Season 1’s episodes Reed learned that his father had cured him of his potential mutant powers.  Will that cure last for a lifetime or could his mutant powers return in Season 2?  Honestly, we hope both Amy and Stephen get a chance to become mutants and help to save the world.  What about you?

Season 2 of the Gifted has already been approved for the fall (probably early in October). Whether the series will stick to the 13-episode format of season one or expand to a more standard network 22-episode season remains to be seen.

Tell us your thoughts about what will happen in Season 2 by commenting below; we’d love to hear what you think!

Post updated on 3/27/17 7:57AM PST to correct the spelling of Amy Acker’s character’s name from “Kate” to “Caitlin.


  1. Reed should stay human — Steve is doing pretty great as a normal dad.
    As for Caitlin — it’s really hard to buy her as an ordinary mom, since she looks like one of those anime/comic book characters. Revealing she’s had superpowers all along would be perfectly organic thing to do.

  2. I’d definitely like to see Mom and Dad Strucker have more action opportunities, and maybe even Reed regain his previously suppressed super powers. But to have Lauren, Andy, Reed and Caitlin all possessed of fantastical powers seems a bit of overkill to me. I do agree with Amy … she’s been in mom mode Season 1. She should continue some of that in Season 2, but I’d like to see her break out and get in on the action with the rest of her family.

  3. I want Reed Strucker to get his mutant powers back and for Amy Acker to be able to act as much as a powerhouse as she was as Root on Person of Interest. Looking forward to Season 2, but more screen time for Stephen would make me happy.

    1. Agree about Amy’s Root character on Person of Interest. She was a force to be reckoned with. If Caitlin packs even half that punch, I’ll be satisfied.

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