Always up to date with AllStephenMoyer around the web has been online for almost 2 years, (party time next month to celebrate our anniversary!) and we are very happy to announce that the visitor numbers keep growing and growing, also outside the True Blood season. But not only the website is growing.

Did you know that we have over 350 members on our message board? It only requires a fast and easy free registration and you could be joining in the fun and chat within seconds. There is a special section to discuss everything True Blood, each of Stephen’s upcoming projects has its own thread, further there is the Hello Handsome photo thread, Tweets from around the web, fundraiser info and the very popular “Where is Stephen Moyer” thread. Don’t forget to stop by the Daily Thread, just say hello, talk about your day and chit chat with your friends. Sign up for the message board here.

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  1. Big kudos to you, Shad, and to Lynn, for your dedication and hard work here at ASM and at the message board. I pop in continuously to chat and get the latest True Blood and Stephen related news. So happy to hear about the growth of both sites.

    Did you say party time next month to celebrate ASM’s two-year anniversary? Sounds wonderful. I’ll be there with bells on.

  2. Congrats on your upcoming two-year anniversary. I’m a member on the message board and follow on Facebook and Twitter! I appreciate your hard work that allows us all to keep up on all things Stephen Moyer and Trueblood! Thank you!

  3. Hard to believe it’s been almost 2 years! Lynn and Shad, your love and dedication are on display here for everyone to see.

  4. ASM forum is like my daily newspaper, needed like coffee in the morning and I always appreciate the daily chat with friends.
    Thank to Lynn and Shad for all their work!

  5. What would we do without Shad and Lynn? Who would make sure I get my daily dose of Stephen / Bill?

    You are doing an incredible job, ladies ! Thanks, many thanks. I think you must be really Moyerist to do this …

    As we say here in Sweden: jag bugar och bockar….

  6. This site, the message board, and the facebook page are all so much fun and so full of great information about our favorite actor and some-time vampire, Stephen Moyer! I am so grateful for all you do, Shad and Lynn. Thank you for managing this so beautifully for all of us. We are very lucky to have you!

  7. I would love to see a All Stephen Moyer photo (Pin-Up) Calandar, with proceeds going to one of Steve’s charities. Of course I get momentarily glamored whenever I see one of Steve’s pictures, but I am willing to take the risk.

  8. Congratulations on your two year anniversary. My day would not be complete without a pop in to All Stephen Moyer, The Vault, and the The Forum. You two, Shad and Lynn, do an incredible job!!

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