AllStephenMoyer website will be ending reporting!

AllStephenMoyer website will be ending reporting!

It’s been such a wonderful experience for us to work together on AllStephenmoyer since Shadaliza and I opened the site together in 2010. It actually seems like yesterday when we first started working together on The Vault (2008), but instead, it has been more then ten years of wonderful fun reporting about our favorite actor.

ending reporting

After True Blood ended, we felt that it would naturally be a good idea to continue on with this website to follow Stephen’s career. During these years, we’ve met so many interesting people and fans, it’s been quite a ride!

We want to say “thank you” to Stephen Moyer for allowing us to work with him on fundraising and for giving us several exclusives including a very amazing one on one interview with Shad. We also wish to express our gratitude to all of the fans who have supported us by visiting our site, leaving their comments, participating in our auctions for charity, and more.

To highlight some of the things that we cherish from the last ten years, below are just a few links that just give a glimpse of the fun we’ve had.

Its been quite a ride following Stephen’s adventures and career over the years, but since life has changed so much for both of us, we now feel it’s time to end our reporting here.

Therefore, from this day forward, we will no longer be posting here regularly and thus ending reporting.  Look for us instead on our social media accounts!


We will always remember how True Blood and the exceptional actor Stephen Moyer changed our lives and brought such joy, not just to us, but to all involved. So finally, with much emotion we say… BYE-BYE!

Much love,
Shadaliza and Lynn

P. S.  The site will stay online for a while as a resource for Steve’s career and we may post occasionally, but only with information that we deem truly important.


  1. I certainly understand. It’s been a great ride and wonderful fun, especially during the True Blood years. Thank you, Shad and Lynn, for bringing us all things Stephen Moyer. I’ll keep looking in here just to see if by chance anything new is posted. Otherwise, I’ll catch you on Facebook.

    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. You ladies are THE BEST!!!!

    1. Thank you Rowena75. You have been a faithful fan through and through! Much appreciate your constant and continued support.

  2. This has been a wonderful source to come to and find out what news there was about Stephen Moyer, and also to see photos and clips from events and upcoming films, etc.
    Thanks for all the hard work and dedication you ladies have put in over the years. It has been much appreciated by us fans.
    My time with Simply Moyer and All Stephen Moyer was always so much fun and just a wonderful experience overall. I had never taken part in this kind of fan appreciation before, and I’ve been richly rewarded by this endeavor. I’ve met some great women, and even took a few trips to see Steve at premieres,etc. His performance in “Chicago” at the Hollywood Bowl is an indelible memory I will always treasure.
    I’ll continue to check out the latest at Twitter, FB, and IG.
    Thanks again, Shad & Lynn, for all your efforts. The best of luck to you both!

  3. What a delightful journey it has been. Fond memories of sharing time with lovers of all things Bill Compton and Stephen Moyer. Such a diverse and charming group of ladies. If we did not show enough appreciation for your hard work, shame on us. Thank you ladies.
    Forever a BillsBabe, Willkill4Bill

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