AllStephenMoyer and The Vault raise over $58,000 for Charity



One of the most gratifying aspects of running our websites The Vault – and has been without a doubt our charity work. We’ve put a lot of effort and time in the raising of funds for a number worthy charitable organizations, working in close collaboration with various True Blood actors.

We are proud to say that since our sites have been online, we have raised a total of $58,284 for charity.

We’d like to thank everybody who supported us in our fundraiser efforts from the bottom of our hearts. You are AMAZING and GENEROUS and we could not have done it without you all. THANK YOU!

Below is our breakdown of dollars raised by year:

2009 $5,416.00
2010 8,013.00
2011 20,796.00
2012 14,933.00
2013 4,776.00
2014 4,350.00
TOTAL $ RAISED: $58,284.00

See the complete overview of all the charitable organizations we have supported on our special Fundraising page.


  1. Fantastic
    total!!!  Well done by all those who contributed. And huge
    congratulations to Shad and Lynn for their hard work in organizing and
    supervising the fund raising for the very worthwhile charities
    involved.  Brava, ladies!!

  2. Exciting news! It has been a long, hard amount of work by Shad and Lynn but they have really outdone themselves in the fundraising for ASM. Kudos also to all who bid and won the items for charity! 
    That is a huge amount of money for your good work. Well done indeed!

  3. That is amazing! Congratulations to both you Shad and Lynn for your dedication in helping where there is need through the charities at ASM and The Vault.

  4. Very impressive. Kudos  ladies for your work and skills organizing so many fundraisers.  Those who contributed. deserve a thumbs up as well.

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