AllStephenMoyer Photogallery updated with True Blood episode 5.12 screencaps

The AllStephenMoyer photogallery has been updated with screencaps of True Blood episode 5.12.



  1. Appreciating once more how expressive Stephen is.  And his body language is amazing. 
    On another note I still find it very hard to look at the transformation caps.
    Great work, Shad.  Thanks for providing.

  2. Stephen did amazing. The scene in which Sookie “rambles” about Bill being generous etc – could not get past Bill staring straight at Eric at first and then shifting his eyes to Sookie. SO COLD. Stephen did awesome.

  3. Stephen’s performance in the finale, as in this whole season, was amazing!
    He brings such intensity, passion, and pathos to his scenes. He does it with his incredibly expressive eyes, his gorgeous mouth, his every body movement, and his silky smooth voice.

    He is a joy to watch, heaven to hear, and alltogether moving and mesmerizing!

  4. Thank you, Shad.  Just looking at this photos, without even hearing him speak, I am enthralled…his acting and physical beauty are unparalled…he is amazing….for me, there is not other.  

  5. Thanks…seeing these pics helps…a little.  My husband thinks Bill is going through all this to defeat Lilith…he bacame like her to fight her on her level…
    Well maybe…either way Stephen is absolutely wonderful no matter who and what Bill turns out to be.

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