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  1. I want to find a copy of the movie Deadlines that Stephen did. There is a link on this site where they say you can download it but it’s all in a foreign language and I can make no sense of it.

  2. hey, did anyone realize that the reason mr. moyer did so well as bill in true blood is because he played another immortal in HIGHLANDER : THE RAVEN? or is that just me?

  3. I think the reason Mr. Moyer did so well as Bill Compton is because he’s a fantastic actor and was given a character with depth and humanity who was also a vampire. Lots to work with there.

  4. I came to True Blood by way of the Sound of Music Live.  We didn’t have HBO until about a year and a half ago, so I never got started on the series.  I had never heard of Stephen Moyer until SOML.  I thought Stephen was terrific.  He gave so much more depth of emotion to the captain than the movie version did. 
    When I saw that HBO was showing season 6 on New Year’s Eve, I was curious to see how different he would be playing a southern vampire.  I was immediately hooked on the show.  I thought all of the cast were excellent, but Stephen really stood out for me.  I think he is brilliant in the way that he plays Bill.  He is always in character, subtle in his portrayal of Bill.  It would be so easy to play a vampire in an over the top way, but that would not be right for his character.  We see Bill’s conflict with being a vampire portrayed beautifully. 
    Thank God for youtube, as I have been able to watch some of the other things Stephen has done, particularly the shows he did in England. Stephen is also a brilliant director  He has a real gift for directing.  In my opinion, he should have gotten an Emmy nom for directing Season 6 Episode1.  
    Stephen Moyer is incredibly intelligent, funny, sexy, handsome and just the nicest guy.   No wonder I will miss him so much.
    Thank you Stephen!

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