AllStephenMoyer Exclusive video of Stephen Moyer in “Chicago”

Our very own Lynnpd attended last night’s show at the Hollywood Bowl and was able to shoot some pretty good video of Stephen on stage. These clips are mainly from the second part of the show but they give a really good impression of Stephen’s phenomenal performance as Billy Flynn. The man sure can sing and dance!

We’ve also updated the photo gallery of “Chicago” with new pics, so make sure to check those out as well.




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  1. Thank you, Lynn and Shad. What a treat!!! I so appreciate getting a
    taste of Stephen on stage as Billy Flynn. He’s amazing!! It looks
    like a fantastic show. I’m sure Mr. Moyer razzle dazzled ‘em.
    Thanks, also, for the pictures.  Yes!!!!!!

  2. Wonderful video, Lynn!   Stephen was just so at home on stage, singing and dancing and cracking wise.  I am looking forward to him doing more!

      1. lynnpd iamtrue2bill Lynn, I really hope we meet up in the future.  I am going to see if I can make it to the TIFF.  It’s a long shot, but perhaps i can.   Stephen is the only celebrity I’ve ever been this involved with, and he is sooo worth it!

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