earns 75,000+ Likes on Facebook

The web site has been a mainstay for the Stephen Moyer fans since it opened in 2010.  

As the biggest site and ultimate resource for all things Stephen Moyer from biographical information shared by his family and pages for all his films and tv projects and stage appearances, our web site, has been our passion and our pride.

We are so thrilled that we have now gained over 75,000 LIKES on the our Facebook page and we want to thank all the “Billsbabes” and Stephen fans who have supported us since this site and the facebook page opened.

We couldn’t have done all we’ve done without the help from Stephen Moyer and his dedicated fans who have been so loyal all this time and continue supporting the site.

And, once True Blood ends, we’ll continue to follow Stephen’s career, so stay put for new information as it happens!

Also, please share with all of your friends about our site telling them that they should LIKE us on Facebook, too.

We are so grateful! THANKS TO ALL THE FANS!!


Much Love, Shad and Lynn xo

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  1. I’m a regular here, and will continue to be.  Congratulations to both Shad and Lynn, for their hard work, dedication and devotion to all things Stephen Moyer.  If I was on Facebook, you could add my “like” as well.  Stopping here several times a day is a happy part of my on line routine.

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