All 7 seasons True Blood to air on Sky TV in the UK

For the fans in the UK who are Sky TV customers, great news! You will soon be able to get your fix on our favorite drama series True Blood this August.


Just imagine being able to see Bill Compton from the first episode of Season 1, the day he walked into Merlotte’s, until the True end of True Blood Season 7, episode 10!

Starting August 13th, viewers will be able to watch the complete seasons 1-7 of the series exclusively through Sky Box Sets.

Effortlessly drifting between the sexy and the chilling, True Blood has notched up 15 Primetime Emmy nominations, while also earning leading actress Anna Paquin a Golden Globe award for ‘Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Drama’.

The series is the latest to be included in the Sky Box Sets package, which already contains more than 300 shows, including Entourage, Nashville and Modern Family, all of which are available to watch either at home through a Sky+HD box or on the move with the Sky Go app.



  1. I have the box set… Bill Compton viewing is, and will always be, at my beck and call. A fabulous investment.

  2. I also own the box set. So I can get my Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer ), viewing on any time I’m in the mood. I also have the book series. Both are good investments.

  3. I have all seasons on DVD and have HBO on demand love it..stephen moyer nailed it in true blood I miss it but that’s what dvds r for and on demand I live in USA..FLORIDA

  4. Samantha Mitchell-Gears – the whole series again on sky box set, Aug this year!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. I have HBO GO. They have all 7 sesons but you have to be online to watch and subscribe to HBO at home.

  6. Season 6 actually was the worst. They seemed to start taking themselves too seriously. 7 was watchable but still not quite as funny or campy as the first few seasons. Still, I do miss True Blood.

  7. HBO could just make the last couple of minutes of season 7 a dream of Sookie ‘s and make more True Blood!!! I miss Bill and Sookie!!

  8. I have all the seasons, its my favorite show ever. please bring back, I miss my wolfman. Alcide=God

  9. Meh I have the DVD’s. Could easily do that myself.
    But good for people who haven’t.
    Bad for people who have neither the DVD’s or Sky.

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