Alan Ball calls Anna Paquin the original Billsbabe on True Blood Season 4 DVD

Alan Ball and Anna Paquin did the audio commentary for episode 3 of the True Blood season 4 DVD.

While watching the scene of the fangbanger waiter hitting on Bill in the restaurant Alan asks Anna how often she has to deal with women and/or men hitting on her husband.

Anna: “You know, women quite a lot… men quite a lot. You know… I find it rather amusing. I particularly enjoy watching people trying to pretend that they want to talk to me too.”

“Can I get a picture with you guys?”
“You want me to take it?”
“Oh would you mind?”

“Ok babe, smile pretty.”

Alan: “But you were the original Billsbabe.”

Anna: “I did, I’m the OG.”


I had no idea what OG means but I was enlightened on our message board. OG stands for Original gangster and according the Urban Dictionary that is someone who has been around for some time [and has put in a large amount of work e.g. Killing enemy gang members. Therefore he is considered a more respected/ higher class member in the gang.] We’ll ignore the last part of the description.

Anna has the very first Billsbabes t-shirt that we ever had printed, which she received from us as a gift. Billsbabe and other merchandise is sold in our Zazzle shop in support of Stephen Moyer’s charitable causes. Visit the shop here.



  1. A fun read.  Thanks for providing.   My copy will hopefully be here on Monday or Tuesday.  Can’t wait to check out this particular commentary.  Thanks for the OG clarification.  I did not know that.  ASM is a fount of interesting information.

  2. LOL! How cute is that? Anne, we love you too, I promise. And since you’re pregnant and all we’ll totally stop pushing you out of the way to have our pics made with Stephen. For now, at least…

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