A song connects two final episodes and back to True Blood

Every True Blood fan (should) knows that True Blood is not the first tv series Alan Ball has ever created. He is also the man behind the enormously successful HBO series Six Feet Under that ran for five seasons from 2001 to 2005. The series about the Fisher family, who run a family-owned funeral home in Pasadena received three Golden Globes and another 43 wins and 117 nominations.

Do you remember the finale episode? Claire Fisher drives off towards her future and we are shown scenes of all the family members and how their lives progress towards that inevitable last moment. It is the most brilliant last scene ever and it still brings tears to my eyes. Mr. Ball I applaud you.

During that whole scene we hear a single song from beginning to end: Breathe Me by Sia. A song so beautiful that I lack the words to describe it.

Six Feet Under was not the only show that featured the song Breathe Me. The British series NY-LON (2004) used the piece in an emotional scene in their final episode. The British Michael just asked his American girlfriend Edie to marry him and she refuses his proposal. He leaves and walks around in the streets of New York, crying on Time Square.

And there we find a connection back to True Blood. Because the man crying his eyes out on Time Square is… Stephen Moyer.

Stephen said shooting in New York really added to his enjoyment during filming.

It was a dream to shoot there and not be a tourist,” he says.
The production took a fresh approach to capturing the Big Apple’s backdrops, aiming to distance itself from the ultra-glossy New York seen in Sex and the City and Friends.

We took conscious steps to shoot in the lower East Side, not Fifth Avenue, to show a different side to New York, a grungier side, a real side where actors don’t change costume every 30 seconds and are doing normal jobs,” Stephen adds.

One high-profile location that does feature is Times Square. Stephen recalls battling to complete an emotional scene there in the middle of a typically chaotic Saturday night.

I was shooting on this traffic island in the middle of the mayhem, with me walking along, and there are cars pulling up, people shouting at me.

“My favorite heckle was when I was crying my eyes out and this car pulls up and a guy shouts out ‘Adrian! Adrian!’ exactly like Sylvester Stallone does when he finishes the fight in Rocky. It was hilarious. I thought that was a fantastic heckle.”

source: bbc.co.uk

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