A Few Random Thoughts on Episode 3.03 – It Hurts Me Too

This week’s third installment of Season 3 certainly didn’t disappoint. With 25% of this season now having been seen, it’s easy to tell that the writers are being very tight and character driven proving what everyone says, that the root of this series success is certainly in the writing!

However, this week I just can’t help but also mention the great directing of Michael Lehmann and express how incredibly well I thought Stephen Moyer performed Bill’s torturous scenes in this episode. Stephen completely dominated the entire episode for me and therefore my random thoughts below are be a bit “Billsided”.

The episode begins when Eric kills the werewolf, played well by Andy McKenzie, who has come to get Sookie after he notices the Operation Werewolf symbol on his neck. Before the werewolf dies Sookie hears that he is from Jackson, Mississippi and thinks this is a clue that she cannot pass up, and therefore asks Eric for his help to go to Jackson to find Bill. There’s a great line from Eric, in this scene, when he says “I got your rug all wet“, after he has just ripped the werewolf’s throat out.

At the end of last week’s episode we saw Lorena burning after Bill has thrown a hurricane lamp at her. Because she is a vampire, of course she doesn’t die, and in the next scene, after the credits, we see that the King has taken one of the tapestries off the wall and rolled her up in it to extinguish the fire. Lorena gets up and says, “I’m fine, I’ll heal in a minute.”

Talbot is all upset saying that this is a Celtic tapestry from 1387 and a gift. The King replies, “We’ll find a way to clean it up, or we’ll put a planter or two in front of it to hide the burn marks.” and then he says, “It’s like Armageddon in here every time someone chips a dessert glass.” I love the dynamic between the King and Talbot, they are very funny and both actors are excellent in their parts.

Then the king turns to Bill saying,  “In the kingdom of Mississippi our appetite for unprovoked violence is nil,” and noticing that Bill is still displaying his fangs, he says, “Fangs?” and Bill promptly retracts them.  In this scene, we find out that Lorena is the reason that Bill is in the King’s company.  The king meets privately with Bill and we hear him say,  “Vampire to vampire, how much do you really love that human of yours? Why not turn her?” He basically tells Bill that either he does that or she may fall victim to him.

Meanwhile Tara is having incredible sex with Franklin in a cheap hotel after they have beaten up two drunken men who were putting down Eggs. She even gives Franklin permission to bite her, but he won’t and when she asks why he won’t, he says because she wants him to.  This gives us some insights into what Tara may want from a man and that Franklin seeks to manipulate her. She leaves the hotel thanking him but is not willing to give him her name. We’ll see how long her control of their relationship lasts.

Sam comes back to the Mickens’ home and confronts Tommy for trying to kill him. Melinda Mickens is thrilled he’s back and wants him to stay, but Sam refuses.

Later in the episode however, the family shows up at Merlotte’s and we get a glimpse of their low class ways. Father Mickens giving shots to the below age Tommy is worrisome and offers some hints that there may be more to their relationship than just father and son. Later that night Sam is woken to find a shapeshifter rummaging through his office. We, of course guess its Tommy who flies out of the window.

We get our first glimpse of Pam in a lesbian encounter with the now famous Yvetta when Jessica calls her asking what she should do now that the body she had in the hidey hole is missing. When Pam learns that the body is gone she says “Doesn’t sound like a problem to me, gotta run“, and proceeds to continue with Yvetta saying “Now, where were we? Lie back sweetheart and think of Estonia“. I guess Pam and Eric share more than kinship and the running of the bar.

Hoyt is staying at Jason’s now and we see them talking about Jason wanting to become a Deputy. Hoyt helps Jason study for the Deputy test but Jason is getting every answer wrong. So Hoyt asks about help with Jessica. Another great Jason philosophy that I couldn’t resist including here is when he says. “There are two kinds of people in the world, people who got no dreams, people who got dreams and don’t do nothing about it and people who go out and fulfill their dreams and I’m the third kind.”

Arlene is in the doctor’s office and finds out that she is indeed pregnant and at least 9 weeks gone. I wonder who this means the father is, hmmm, couldn’t be Terry, must be Renee.

Tara gets a call from Mike Spencer because they are burying Eggs. When she gets to the cemetery she finds out that no one is there but Sookie who has paid for the funeral. They make up and Sookie asks her to move back in with her.  I’m so glad; they are BFF’s and need to stay that way.

One of my favorite parts of True Blood is all the flashback scenes that tell us more about the vampire’s past.  This episode’s flashback is a scene to Bill’s past in 1868, when he comes home to see his family. Caroline, his human wife, comes to the door with a gun and then realizes that it is Bill and they embrace, lovingly. We find out that Bill’s son, Tom has died of the pox.  Bill kneels by his coffin saying “I’m your Papa” and when he starts crying in grief, Caroline realizes what he is and is appalled by him.  It is heartbreaking to watch her recoil from him. Lorena appears and makes Bill glamour Caroline into not remembering. Bill says “I will die before I allow you to harm her“.

At the end of the flashback scene we hear Lorena tell Bill that the only way to show your love for a human is to stay away forever.

As we return to present day, Bill awakens with blood tears streaming down his face and we realize that this has been a dream, but for him, a very real one.  We next see Bill enter the King’s presence and pronounce, “I’ve considered your offer. My service to Queen Sophie Anne has brought only suffering to me and the humans to which I have lived amongst. I recognize that now. For their safety and also for mine, I hereby renounce my fealty to the kingdom of Louisiana and I humbly pledge my loyalty to your Majesty.”

The king than tells Lorena that we don’t need the girl and now Bill knows that Sookie is safe, well at least, for the moment.  So, in my opinion, Bill is going along with the King to get in his confidence. He knows he is a prisoner and has no choice but to play the game.

Franklin Mott is up to no good and we see that when he shows up at Bill’s house and has a “fang-off” with Jessica, who is amazed.  She realizes that she can’t keep him out of the house since no human lives there so he proceeds to come in asking her if there have been any dead people around.  When she says “no”, he pulls the head of the man she has killed out of a bag.  Since he has disposed of the body for her he expects her to pay him back with information about Bill Compton.  Why is he interested in Bill Compton?  Who is he working for?

Meanwhile Sookie and Alcide have headed to Jackson Mississippi in search of Bill when they go to the Were bar,” The Lou Pines”.  Sookie and he split up so she can get more information and she has an encounter with one of them and learns that he is one of the were’s who had kidnapped Bill (Don Swazye).  He starts to attack her and Alcide comes in to save her.  This group of werewolves is a different pack than Alcide and they are much more dangerous and hard to deal with.  This is Coot’s pack and Alcide doesn’t like them one bit.

We finally head back to the King’s mansion where Bill enters his room followed by Lorena.  She congratulates him on his performance with the King and Bill replies, “my only loyalty is to my King“. Lorena responds with “your only loyalty is to your own sentiment.”   Bill repeats to her “we can never love humans without bringing suffering upon them. You taught me that, and I will never forgive you for it“. Bill is angered and says to Lorena, “You’ve deprived me of my freedom, my home and my humanity and I will never, ever love you“.  She promptly kisses him and he throws her on the bed, jumps on her, rips off her dress, she scratches his back asking him to make love to her and he twists her head around completely while having sex with her

Lorena replies after her head is twisted,  “Oh, William I still love you.”

Bill finally rises up holding his head and screaming in anguish and utter torment.

Poor Bill, he is so tormented.  I felt for him so in this episode.  He is someone who hates what he is and had finally thought he found a way to live happily with Sookie and now that appears to all be gone for him.  If he was human I would worry for his sanity and for his life.  As a vampire, he will have to come to grips with this and he just might, if Lorena would just leave him alone.  And Stephen Moyer rocked this episode, as I said above.  His acting was superb in my opinion.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, but since there was so much happening it was hard to catch it all in the first viewing. I’ve now seen it several times and don’t find any of it boring.  What will happen to Tara and Franklin? What is the relationship between Tommy Mickens and Joe Lee Mickens?  Since Terry is bound to find out that Arlene’s baby isn’t his, how will she tell him?  Will Jason ever pass the test to be a deputy?  And what is with Bud Dearborn quitting his job?  Will Terry Bellefleur be Sheriff?  And why did Eric do such an about face and give Lafayette a nice new car?  I thought that was an odd scene.  And, what about the last scene with Bill and Lorena?They certainly have a very “twisted” relationship, sorry about the pun.

Please leave us your thoughts about this episode and tell us what you think about all the crazy, twisted things that took place and if you agree with me about Stephen’s performance.


  1. Well done, Lynn. I have to watch another time or two before I’m ready to give my thoughts in depth. Briefly … major kudos to Stephen for his scenes, especially the flashback with Caroline and Lorena. Also, the final scenes between Bill and Lorena were off the charts.

    I’m wondering how Lorena got in Caroline’s and Bill’s house … or how Bill got in for that matter. Vampires have to be invited in. The same with Franklin and Tara. He ended up glamoring her to gain entrance to Sookie’s house. Why couldn’t all vampires do that rather than wait for an invitation to a human’s home?

    One little snippet. I appreciated the transition from Eggs funeral and the gravestone of Thomas Compton to the scene of Bill as vampire walking toward his family home. I really liked how that was done.

  2. Rowena, Caroline told Bill to “come” and see his son, so that was her invitation into the house. Up until then, they had just been on the porch. The stuff with Caroline and Lorena was on the porch too, not inside the house. I’m assuming that when Lorena initially glamoured Caroline that she got her invitation then.

    Stephen was amazing in last night’s episode! I felt so much for Bill’s plight with Caroline and how it mirrors things with Sookie now. Can he ever truly love a human and not bring them pain? We’ll have to see. Tons of great stuff last night, but IMO Bill’s scenes were the absolute best. Kudos to Stephen.

  3. Have to agree. Stephen was amazing in this episode. I know they can’t make relationships easy on television but can’t someone just kill Lorena? It is a testement to the acting skills of all involved that we all love or hate the charcters so much. I really feel for Bill!! Stephen has brought him to life, ironically!

  4. I agree with everyone. Stephen’s acting was superb. The dream with Caroline and finding out his son had died were gut-wrenching. He portrayed Bill’s pain at the loss of his wife and son so well. I’ve always thought part of the reason for his return and relationship with Sookie is an attempt to regain what he lost when he was turned.

    The final scene with Lorena showed his anger and torment so well. It is was unbelievable. How I hope they get her out of his life eventually… She’s tortured Bill enough!!

  5. This episode was huge for Bill and Stephen, hard to imagine it being topped this season for variety of scenes and range of emotions. I can’t wait to get home to watch it again (and again).
    I truly hope this will be in the Emmy box next year.
    And on top of all the talent displayed, he is just so beautiful.

  6. just reiterates what we know. that stephen moyer is a great actor! he commanded that part and played it superbly with as much emotion as you can get and it not be real. it takes real talent to do that, but then we knew from the first time he saved sookie’s life that he was this kind of man. and we so love him for it. when he opens his white jacket up – just that little thing, is so sexy, its like he ripped his pants open. same effect – almost…… i just go all graveyard!

    1. I agree Bill just opening the jacket was like foreplay. ~Sigh~ I had to watch the episode again just to make sure I heard correctly what he said. I was so memerized.
      Bill in that white jacket is the stuff dreams are made of.
      Blindingly beautiful. Wardrobe needs to give Stephen that entire outfit. Nobody else will can to wear it like he did.

  7. Oh Stephen Moyer you kicked all sorts of tail tonight. In every scene. Use this episode for awards consideration!

    The flashbacks were phenomenal. I totally felt Bill’s pain and sadness when his wife rejected him and when he buried his Thomas. “Papa”? Puddle of mush. I really liked how these scenes showed how clearly Bill feels that he is responsible for his wife’s suffering because he’s a vampire….

    Which is a great tie-in to his conversation with Russell. Bill now knows that Sookie will suffer a horrible fate if he is with her. His cycle is repeating. Poor Bill. He has no choice but to swear loyalty to Russell in order to protect Sookie. Broke my heart.

    Bill and Lorena? Where to begin? First off, Stephen and Mariana work great together. Great chemistry. Such a tormented, torrid relationship. Culminating in the “scene”. She was loving every minute of seeing Bill essentially reject his humanity for the sake of his love for Sookie. She wants that vampiric nature to return, and she revels in the thought of him returning to her. But he hates her, and she is so blinded by that she isn’t getting the memo. So much hate in it, but I think Bill has more hate for himself than towards Lorena. And I think that was the crux of the sex. I think he is punishing himself more than anything.

  8. My thoughts are pretty much what everyone else has posted.
    It was a roller coaster of an episode with things happening so fast.
    Stephen really did own the whole episode as he beautifully portrayed the tormented vampire. Why can’t everyone just leave our poor Bill alone?

    This episode had everything and more…..

  9. Great recap Lynn. You saved me some typing. :)

    Stephen is an actor’s actor. Everyone that works with him speaks so highly of him and praises his knowledge and talent. He owned this episode. He can convey more with a facial expression than some actors can with pages of dialog. This season thus far has really given Stephen a chance to showcase his considerable skills and talent. Remarkable performance that should considered for submission in award season.

  10. I totally agree with you Lynn. Your description of the episode is excellent. I think Stephen was amazing. The anguish at the reunion with Caroline and his son. And then his anger, etc. with Lorena at the end. I was holding my breath. Love him and this show! Everyone is so good. I can’t stop thinking about it and am anxious for what comes next.

  11. Late to the party, but here goes. Definitely not gospel … could even be gorilla s**t. Random thoughts on Epi 3 in no particular order.


    This was Bill’s episode, emotionally, sartorially, oh h**l, in every which way. The scenes with Caroline were heartbreaking … the loss of his son, the knowledge that Caroline was terrified of him once she discovered his true identity, the loss of his humanity, his family and his freedom. Stephen rocked it! And the sex scene at the end … I think Lorena’s taunts and fierce kiss burst the dam of Bill’s anger, hatred and frustration and he struck. Dry humping. Looked like it, but I couldn’t tell. His tortured scream at the end told me he fully realized what he had done, and how far he had slipped from the humanity he was striving to maintain.

    I found it interesting that he remained fully clothed. Lorena did not deserve the intimacy of skin on skin contact. She took everything Bill dished out and judging from the smile on her twisted face and her “I love you” she was more than happy to be done unto by him. Lorena had a busy episode … first crispy and then twisty.

    Poor Caroline. She was alone, without a husband, her daughter relocated because of the pox, and her son, dead. She was barely existing.

    Jason studying for the police academy. Oh gee, I wish Jason was played a little bit smarter. I love Ryan and what he does with the role, but lately, he stretches credulity for me. And I fervently pray for a cessation of bullet holes in the noggin. Enough already.

    Bud quitting. It was abrupt. I hope he reconsiders. I really like William Sanderson in the role. However, I can understand Bud’s desire to pack it in. BT is getting just too crazy.

    Sookie and Tara … sweet scene at Eggs funeral. Sookie’s a busy gal, trying to find Bill, paying for the funeral, working at Merlottes. I’m glad she and Tara made up. I like pro-active Sookie, but am wondering how she finds time to do it all.

    Sookie, Eric and the were assassin … admittedly I am not an Eric partisan, but I enjoyed the interactions among the 3, and between Eric and Sookie. Exception: the bullet ballet. That was a bit much, IMO.

    Franklin is deliciously creepy, dangerous and enigmatic. Oh and sexy … yes indeed. I’m not sure about Tara and Franklin as a couple. My personal jury is still out on that one.

    Franklin and Jessica … fun scene. Beware the vampire bearing gifts. The puppet part was hilarious in a creepy kind of way. Wonder how much info Jess gave out.

    Fiinally we got to meet Alcide. Good intro from my perspective. I wish we’d gotten more of him this time around. He’s quite a hunk, and looks to be the perfect escort for Sookie and entre into the were world. He seems sort of a reluctant were. Lou Pine’s … love it! “Where everybody knows your name. And they’re always glad you came. Not.” Sookie’s bold “hey, fellas” move brought some valuable Bill info; however, both she and Joe did not escape unscathed.

    Russell and Talbot … a marriage made in … Okay, not sure where. They are good together and separately. Russell is such a charming, suave, velvet glove-iron fist villain. And Talbot is pure fuss budget … the decorator and artistic part of that duo.

    Sam is going to regret looking up his family. Mama is the only one I like thus far. I don’t trust Tommy (with good reason after what he did to Sam), and a man who wears dirty, ill-fitting undies is not going to get my vote of confidence. I’d love some happiness for Sam. Instead I think he’s opened up a Pandora’s box of troubles.

    Eric and Lafayette … oh Laffy, pay the man the $1, get the insurance and go for it. You have Eric’s blood. Might as well let him spring for the car and just enjoy it. He’s going to keep calling on you for this and that no matter what. At least now you can drive around town in style.

    There could be more, but I’ve probably gone on long enough.

  12. I shouldn’t be commenting because I haven’t watched it again, which I always do, but found the “rape” head twisting scene disturbing. With time and reading your comments, I’ve calmed down and got some perspective. Don’t get me wrong, Lorena deserves the rage that Bill unleashes on her. Stephen said we would see a darker side of Bill this season and so we have. I’m really on the edge of my seat, though, wondering if it will follow the books and find out that Bill was “sent” to engage Sookie, by Sophie Ann, and how that will play out when Sookie discovers the disception.

  13. I hope that Sookie and Bill stay together.AB is not sticking with everything in the books.I think she will forgive him,for anything the Queen asked him to do.I loved six feet under.This is my new addiction,AB never disappoints~!!!!

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