A Few Random Thoughts on Episode 3.01 – Bad Blood

Random Thoughts on True Blood Episode 3.01 Bad Blood. This episode was everything we were told it would be. The pacing of the episode was just right between the multiple plot lines. And, while keeping it’s campy nature and staying very fast paced, it also slowed down enough in certain places for the more serious scenes. I never got bored or thought, “When is the next scene coming”.

There were also some great lines in this episode, such as my favorite:  Andy to Jason: “Conscience off, Dick On! And, everything’s gonna be allright.

And my second favorite has to be this one:

  • Bill to Sam: “I hear the water in Arkansas is “very hard“.

Some other good quotes were:

  • When Pam half heartedly said: “Sookie, stop, come back.”
  • Magister: “The blood is sacred. Wasting it on anything other than procreation is blasphemy” The Queen’s response: “Madness
  • Pam to Lafayette: “I don’t know what it is that makes people think I wanna hear their problems. Maybe I smile too much. Maybe I wear too much pink

I loved Bill being a real “bad ass” with his werewolf captors, escaping and then hiding in the ground. I enjoyed watching him come out again, it brought back memories of the famous “graveyard scene”.  And, his gentle treatment of the old lady that he fed from restored my confidence in him as a vampire who is trying really hard to maintain his humanity.  However, I’m a bit worried that it won’t last too long if what I’ve heard about future episodes is true.

It looks like Lafayette is back, hooray, but poor Tara in is torment with the loss of Eggs and her mama is failing her yet again. I also enjoyed the scene with Andy with Terry bonding as cousins. It was funny when Arlene realized that she is pregnant because she smelled the cinnamon in the chili and I thought it was so Arlene of her being all red neck with Tara. The scene with Sookie and Kenya, uh, excuse me “Deputy Jones” was very funny and Sookie’s frustration was well defined.  And then there’s poor Jessica, who is trying to cope with having accidently killed her truck stop victim and is badly in need of help from her daddy vamp, Bill.

The Were’s that took Bill seem really viscious, this story line looks like it’s going to be a plus and I’m glad they decided to use real wolves instead of special effects or dummies.

Finally, The Queen was in great form tonight; much better than her scenes from Season 2 and I enjoyed seeing the evil “magister” included. The dynamic between Eric and The Queen as well as Eric’s interaction with Pam was very powerful and we learned yet more about Eric and his evil plans.

However, the scene that I think was the most memorable from this episode is the Bill and Sam Dream sequence – there’s already TEAM BAM talk about this one!

And, here are some screencaps from this scene:

I think this season is going to be excellent if this episode is any indication of what is to follow. It looks like Alan Ball and his writing staff have found the essence that we all loved about Season 1 and put it in Season 3. In other words, True Blood’s “heart” is back!  It appears that the best aspects about Season 1 and 2 have been incorporated making it all gel quite smoothly.


  1. Well and truly said, Lynn. And those pictures of Bill and Sam … I do believe that is smoke issuing from my computer screen. Hot, hot, hot!

  2. Great episode! Bill was especially awesome, but I think everyone brought it and made the episode quite entertaining. I’m looking forward to the rest of season 3 (and hopefully some more Bill/Sam sexy dreams).

  3. Terrific start to a new season! The acting was as wonderful as the writing! The Bill and Sam scene? Pretty dang hot you guys!

  4. TEAM BAM!!!!!

    Stephen really brought his A-game last night. I think the writers have really given him some great stuff to work with, and I am really excited to see all the facets of Bill come shining through this season. It’s gonna be intense, dark, sad, surprising, and pretty much any adjective you can think of. I say bring it on!

    S3 is off to a great start.

  5. Loved this episode! So many memorable lines: Sookie to Pam “I’m in no mood for Lesbian weirdness tonight”; the aforementioned Bill line, “I hear the water in Arkansas is very hard”. I absolutely cracked up when I heard that, thinking, “Gee, Bill has a real future in gay porn.” Hysterical. I knew it had to be a dream sequence…we’d already hear Lafayette saying he’d had erotic dreams about Eric last season. Bet Steve and Sam had trouble getting through that scene without laughing. And the guys have joked that Bill and Eric had chemistry.

  6. Great article, Lynnpd! I agree with everything you said. Bill was exceptional tonight. The Bill&Sam scene – so provocative, so kind of scary, so beguiling. Bill just pulled me in, even as I was saying “Oh no, are they really going to do this?” Perfectly acted by both, perfectly timed, perfectly edited – a winner all the way!
    Aaaaaaaah, I just love this show!

  7. Stephen was all kinds of awesome in last night’s episode!! I’m looking forward to see what he does next week!!
    Oh heck yeah, he was H.O.T.!!!!

  8. That was one heck of an opener for season 3! I had to watch it twice to get my head round all the madness!

    This episode belonged to the vampire characters, for sure. They all shone – Pam was at her acerbic best, The Queen was a raving anarchic lunatic, the Magister was creepy as hell, Jessica’s attempt to revive the trucker was devestating, Eric went from flirting outrageously with Sookie to being totally emasculated by the Queen, and Bill… well Bill OWNED this episode! Getting horrifically stabbed, snapping the werewolf’s neck, flipping the car, climbing out of the wreckage, dragging himself out of the earth, feeding on that poor old lady, then making her so happy, then getting caught again by the wolves – AMAZING! I just wonder what the rest of the season has in store for him!

  9. i just loved it. strong, masculine, virile, take charge bill was back with a vengeance. the epi was like a dream come true. beautifully written.

  10. Was well worth the long, long wait! That Bill/Sam dream sequence was awesome! Took a minute to figure out it was a dream for me…I was lost staring at Bill. Everything about the episode was great. Kept everyone on their toes. Kudos to all! :-)

  11. LOVED IT! Kudos to Alan Ball and cast! You guys are awesome!
    S3 is going to be one hell of a crazy ride!

    Bill and Sam’s scene- SMOKIN’
    I can hear Lafayette saying ” Damn Hooka- I wants me some of that action too!”

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