6 reasons why Stephen Moyer will rock as Milus Corbett

After glamouring us all for 7 years it is time for Bill Compton to step aside and make way for Milus Corbett, another career defining role for Stephen.

With only days until the premiere of The Bastard Executioner we take a look at why Stephen will totally rock as the sly and ambitious Milus Corbett.

These are our 6 reasons why we think Stephen will rock as Milus Corbett. What are yours?

Milus Corbett

1. After hearing Stephen speak in a Louisiana accent on True Blood for 7 years his own luscious English accent will certainly knock your socks off.


Prince Valiant
Prince Valiant

2. Stephen has gone medieval before in Prince Valiant and Princess of Thieves and he already knows his way around damp castles, wielding swords and noble women.


As Sam in The Starter Wife with Debra Messing
As Sam in The Starter Wife with Debra Messing

3. Graphic sex scenes are just another day at the office for Stephen, who has been taking his kit off in nearly all his projects since he first showed his butt in The Grand nearly 20 years ago.  True Blood had many epic scenes from graveyard sex to head twisting sex, but don’t forget his sexy performances in Comic Act, Men Only, Quills and The Starter Wife.


Bill and Sam
Bill and Sam

4. Apparently Milus will be knocking boots with both women and men! Good thing Stephen already had a little practice in True Blood where his Bill on Sam chemistry was sizzling hot and we are looking forward to some more male action.


Pontius Pilate
Pontius Pilate

5. Ambition and leadership are an inseparable pair and Stephen has played his share of powerful men. From Blood God (True Blood) to UK Minister (ICE) to Roman prefect Pontius Pilate (Killing Jesus) Steve knows how to put the sexy in power.


Jason in Men Only
Jason in Men Only

6. Though Stephen is mister charming himself he is so excellent at playing complex personalities with a bit of an evil streak. Bill Compton tops the list of sexy bad boys followed by Soviet assassin Cassius in The Double, agoraphobic Andrew in Restraint, serial killer Steven in Waking The Dead, womanizer Jason in Men Only and raving mad Marcel in The Secret.


Why do you think Stephen will rock as Milus Corbett? Let us know!
Leave your reasons in the comments.


  1. Absolutely agree with every one of your reasons, and thank you for the lovely pics.  Stephen has the ability to play any role brilliantly.  I can’t wait to see what he does with Milus!

  2. He will be awesome.  That’s a great list.  Here is mine:
    1.  One glance from him onscreen is worth 1,000 words.  He conveys so much with just his eyes. 
    2.  Even his hand gestures tell a story. 
    3. He makes all the other actors better in every scene.  He is a very giving actor. 
    4. Biceps. 
    5. He makes me believe the character he is portraying is REAL.  I still grieve for Bill. 
    6. He is just a fine actor, and I am mesmerized by him in every scene.

    Yes, his real accent!!! 

    Looking forward to 9/15.

  3. I agree w your reasons totally.  Even playing Prince Valiant at a much younger age he had that “thing” nailed down that an actor must have.  When I first took notice of him he was on the Starter Wife and it was WHO, who is this person.  Loved how he and Deborah played against each other.  They had the same on camera chemistry as he and Anna.  He has personality plus and can talk about (or fake it) anything and make you believe him in interviews.  You never see him loose his cool when bombarded with photographers nor fans and appears to  take it in stride.  He takes his roles seriously and it feels to me that he researches his part until he is satisfied he can move into the role.

    Anyway, I know he and all the characters of this upcoming show will be terrific.

  4. Shad, your reasons are PERFECT. So excited that Stephen Moyer will be able to show us even more of his talent in TBX.

  5. I think this is an awesome list.  I’m sure there are more reasons, but Shad got the biggies just right. I know he will be getting lots of praise in this new role on TBX.  Maybe the Emmy people will get their heads out of their butts and give Sutter’s show a little credit along with Steve, too!  Wonderful list Shad!

  6. Lynnpd99 Thanks Lynn. Like I wrote in the post this will be another career defining role for Stephen. Knowing the Emmy people they will totally snob this.

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