5th episode of ‘Jan’ with Stephen Moyer released

Episode 5 of Stephen Moyer’s new web series for WIGS ‘Jan’ have been released on Youtube.

Jan: Episode 5 of 15 — “Mace”:
Mel giveth and taketh away both advice and credit while Gery — never one to shy away from trouble — causes more.



  1. Mel is some piece of work.  No one would ever accuse her of being nice.  Poor Jan … she can’t seem to catch a break.  I love how Gery came to plead her cause.  However, things took an awkward, unlooked-for turn.
    Thanks for #5. 

  2. Stephen rocking the role of Gery, doing what he does best, a knight in shining armour, how cool.
    Just loving this brilliant and polished little series.
    Can’t wait for episode 6 

  3. Yet another short but oh so sweet episode! All the characters are so believable and Stephen is as adorable as ever. He is so brilliant in ever role he does. What a wonderful actor.
    Can’t wait to see more. My only complaint is having to wait days between episodes! Grrr!!

  4. I’m enjoying the story and loving Stephen in this role. What a face he has! I can’t imagine a world without his face in it. :)

  5. In answer to Helen:  this is a WIGS series on YouTube.  It is on line only.  The first five episodes are available, so jump right in and enjoy. 

  6. The competition is tough in that line of work, Jan still has a lot to learn, but I think she’ll get there, maybe with a little help of Gery.

  7. It ends too soon…I’m left wanting more…..Stephen is adorable, sexy, funny, charming, engaging, entertaining. I can’t keep my eyes off him. He owns it!

  8. pssst.  Hey Mel.  come here.  i want to talk to you   and bring that can of mace with you. *pow*  *sock*  *bam* 
    Jam will do well..  Her guardian angel Gery will help. 

  9. Poor Gery! He means well but he’s like a bull in a china shop:))
    Just loving this series and the way I can view it on YouTube.

  10. Not enough Steve in this one, but still very enjoyable. I’m definitely rooting for Jan and Gery against Mel.

  11. Well, Gerald’s heart seems to be in the right place, but maybe he’s making things worse for Jan?  We’ll have to wait and see, I guess.  
    Stephen is rockin’ this role, and just shining in this series!  He is such a delight in every scene.
    It’s just wonderful seeing Stephen as an upbeat, hot, smart, witty and charming guy, and a guy with a heart.
    Not a huge stretch for our upbeat, hot, smart, witty and charming guy with a heart, but wonderful to see-LOL!

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