Look for The Gifted’s X-Gene Screening Stations at Comic Con 2017

Fox is pulling out all the stops at Comic-Con 2017 for its forthcoming Marvel drama The Gifted. As suspected, (see our previous post) Comic Con San Diego Convention attendees will be able to learn whether they carry the X-Gene as part of a larger activation and social media campaign for the fall series. The network, which last year performed live exorcisms to promote its horror series of the same name, is once again taking to the streets of downtown San Diego. But this time they’re on the hunt for mutants.

Fox will host an X-Gene Screening Station at the Hilton Bayfront Lawn where Comic-Con attendees can be tested for the X-Gene. At the station, each person will be laser-scanned and then complete a cheek swab genetic test with a nurse. Once registered, fans will either receive an “I Got Tested” sticker or an “M” sticker if they are found to, indeed, be carrying the Mutant Gene. Those who have the special gene will also be to share and post a photo in an exclusive “Wanted” poster. (Others will still have social media bragging rights in the form of a “I Got Tested” backdrop.)

Six weeks after testing, fans will get additional information about their personal genetic profile online.

The testing station is just one part of Fox’s extensive Comic-Con campaign for The GiftedSentinel Services (like the agency in the fall drama sent to find those carrying the X-Gene) will launch online through wanted posters, PSAs and an in-depth Sentinel Services website. A corresponding #MutantsUnite activation will also launch, designed to ignite the resistance movement with hacks of the PSAs across social media, hidden geo fenced Snapchat filters and a first of its kind Facebook AR experience.  See the video by clicking here.

I’ll, Lynnpd will be in San Diego to cover all the events I can for The Gifted and will also have attend The Gifted panel in the Convention Center, Ballroom 20 on Friday, July 21 in Ballroom 20 from 3:45-4:45 p.m.

source: The Hollywood Reporter


  1. Looking forward to your report, Lynn. Should be great fun. I echo Piper’s “will you be tested?” question.

  2. Have a blast Lynn in San Diego with all the convention activities. I too am looking forward to your reports and am curious to hear if you get test?

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