Happy New Year 2016 to all The Stephen Moyer Fans

HAPPY NEW YEAR to Stephen, Anna, and all the Stephen Moyer fans!


We’re looking forward to continuing to support of our favorite actor and person, Stephen Moyer in the new year by watching his career develop along with all the fans!

As the owners of AllStephenMoyer.com we want to thank Stephen for all he does and to also thank the Stephen Moyer fans who have been kind enough to show their support of this site!

Much love,
Shad and Lynn  xoxo


  1. Thank you Shad and Lynn for all that you do, and wishing you and all Stephen Moyer fans a wonderful 2016. Here’s to seeing lots more of Steve in the coming year. Happy New Year to Steve and Anna and the family.

  2. “Hugs” and Happy New Year wishes to Shad, Lynn, Stephen, Anna and their family, and all the Stephen Moyer fans. Shad and Lynn, thanks for all you do to keep us apprised of Stephen’s career and what is happening in his life. Your dedication to the site and devotion to him is very much appreciated.

  3. Happy New Year and a great 2016 to all the fans in Stevedom and my heartfelt hope for Stephen, Anna and family to have a perfect year.
    Shad and Lynn thank you for all you do and best wishes for the coming year.

  4. Quer dizer que, vc passou o ano novo,na terrinha!!! Que bom, não há lugar melhor no mundo do que a nossa casa, a nossa terra. Nossa pedacinho de chão no mundo. Feliz 2016 pra vc e pra Anna . E um ano, de muitas realizacões, e trabalhos. bjos

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