#22PushupChallenge Day 3: Steve calls out Rob Delaney

#22PushupChallenge Day 3 22pushupchallenge-stephen-moyer

#22PushupChallenge Day 3

Another day and another 22 pushups for the #22PushupChallenge Day 3. Somewhere in Liverpool this morning Steve gets down and gives us 22. He passes on the challenge to his friend the American comedian Rob Delaney, best knows for the series Catastrophe.


The #22PuchupChallenge was launched in support of US and UK veterans to raise awareness for the mental health challenges they face. Many (ex)service men and women suffer from PTSD and an average of 22 (ex) military commit suicide every day (!).

Support and donate

Join in the challenge or make a donation in support at the 22kill.com website.
To support UK service men and women donate £5 to Combat Stress by texting PTSD22 to 70004.

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