17 Reasons Bill Compton is the Most Charming Vampire Ever

We thought this was a really cute posting about our favorite vampire, Bill Compton. It’s called the “17 Reasons Bill Compton Is The Most Charming Vampire Ever.”

Of course, we totally agree and yes, as they say to enjoy it requires, no glamouring.

He’ll always have a place in our hearts (and beds). Here’s a couple of the 17 reasons:


8. He has the best “WTF” faces:



16. All while having the most swoon-worthy angry face:



To see all of the 17 Reasons Bill Compton Is The Most Charming Vampire Ever go herebuzzfeed.com


  1. I read all 17.  Yes, Yes, and YES!!  Charming and southern gentlemanly.  Bill has my vote as top vampire.

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