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Video: Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin Make A Wish

Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin at the Make A Wish charity event on the Santa Monica Pier on Sunday afternoon (March 14).


A great time was had by all… including the pink-blue snake and the donkey.


  • Aw, cuteness! I love the pic of Stephen biking with the donkey in his lap. It takes a secure man to share his bike with a stuffed donkey, carry around a pink and blue snake, and wear a Hello Kitty band-aid for all to see.

    Also, lucky donkey. ;)

  • I was on that Pier just last week. Looking great both of them, so happy and like they are having a fun time! Wish them the best.

  • Very cute. It’s pretty clear they had a great time. Although, I will admit to being jealous because they are in shorts. I want that warm weather!!lol

  • I was wondering why they hadn’t taken Lilac, until I viewed the photo gallery, and though scrambled, she obviously was there and rightly got all those stuffed toys. So a good time was had by ALL!

  • The cutest couple EVER. They are just totally adorable and if I may repeat myself, Stephen is the most beautiful man on the planet!! :P