True Blood Episode 5.10 Recap “Gone, Gone, Gone”

Below is a video recap of this week’s True Blood episode 5.10, Gone, Gone, Gone showing us the hightlights of what happened.

It was an exciting episode and we’re happy that we finally know that Tara is still with us, Rev. Newlin didn’t kill Jason and that Bill and Eric are bonding so well. Watch below

Ep. 58 (5.10): Recap



  1. Definitely wish that there was more Tara and Pam since they make such an awesome team.
    Not sure what to make of Bill this episode. Last week we were convinced that he was faking it, but tonight he definitely seemed like a believer. Will be interested to see if it’s all an elaborate act or if Eric can rescue him. In our review ( we think that he and Eric will end up helping to destroy both Russell as well as Salome.

  2. Tara takes matters into her own hands (way to go, girl!), Sookie is promised to Warlow, Hoyt leaves for Alaska, Eric is now in thrall to Lilith and the blood, Russell longs for the sun, and two white mice are having one very busy evening.  Some significant looks passed between Bill and Eric.  I am hopeful they’ll team up to take down the Authority.   A most entertaining episode.

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