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Deborah Ann Woll Reflects on Bill Compton’s fate


In an interview with HBO’s TrueToTheEndBlog, Deborah Ann Woll talks about what it was like for her, as an actor, to approach this season which changed her relationship with her maker, Bill Compton in a big way.

Some of it was surprising, which is part of what’s fun about our show. I can never quite predict where the storyline is going to go. After six, seven years of working on a character, I start to feel for her the way that I would feel for myself. I have very deep affection for Jessica and what happens to her is very important to me. I think a big moment like killing the faerie girls last year, to have her receive forgiveness for that, almost meant as much to me as it did to the character.

Why did Jessica want to be released? Did she hope that it would change Bill’s mind about dying? Do you think she regrets it at all?

We talked a lot about that. Stephen [Moyer, who plays Bill] had suggested that in a way, Bill’s deciding to let himself die hurt Jessica so much that she wanted to hurt him right back. The strongest way that I can hurt you is by saying that I don’t want to be connected to you anymore. It’s an interesting idea, and I think that there’s a piece of that in there. But also, his journey of dying was going to be so painful that I think a part of her was scared of going down that road with him. In the same way that someone in your life is sick or dying, and the amount of courage it takes to go and see them in that state and acknowledge that they’re going to be leaving soon. She didn’t want to see him like that, didn’t want him to be able to call her to his side and witness his death.

We don’t see Jessica’s reaction to Sookie helping end Bill’s life. Have you thought about Jessica’s reaction to that?

I have. Sookie has always been very honest and straightforward, and especially this season, she and Jessica have been closer than ever. They’ve been allies trying to save Bill. My feeling is that although she didn’t want to ruin some of the happiness of Jessica’s wedding day, at some point Sookie had a conversation with her about what Bill wanted. In a way, Sookie did Bill a great favor. She saved him some of the pain and turmoil that he would have gone through. I think she and Jessica came to terms with the decision together.

In the finale, Bill sort of arranges Jessica’s marriage to Hoyt, which she understandably doesn’t react well to at first. What makes her go from “No way” to “Let’s do it today”?

Bill comes from another era, where marriages were arranged. You saw how he was paired with his wife, and it turned out very well for him because Caroline turned out to be the love of his life. But Jessica is a modern girl, and here are these two men making this enormous decision for her. For the young girl who was subjected to the tyranny of her father so often in her human life, I wanted to show how she became an independent woman who didn’t have to rely on anyone — man or woman — to make her decisions for her.

That’s what was great about the scene upstairs with Bill in Jessica’s bedroom, and it’s probably my favorite scene of the finale. What was wonderful about that was that she had a moment to hear Bill explain himself and how he never got to see his daughter get married or have the family moments he wanted to so much. Jessica heard his sorrow and regret and realized, “If there’s any gift that I can give that will mean something to him, it’s letting him be part of my marriage.” Even though it’s way too soon and maybe this isn’t the right person for me. It doesn’t have to be legal, it doesn’t have to be anything except a moment where I can assure him that I’m going to be fine and he can feel comfortable leaving.

Are there particular storylines from the seven seasons that you especially cherish?

I’ll go to my grave saying that I just love the Jason-Jessica storyline. I will always remember those scenes with a lot of nostalgia. But also my time with Bill. If I look at the arc of Jessica and Bill over the years, it was just a really great story. To end where we did — how the parent becomes the child and vice versa – it became a nice, full story of Jessica’s going from infant to adult.


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Deborah Ann Woll on Bill and True Blood’s finale

In last week’s episode of True Blood, we saw Deborah Ann Woll’s Jessica Hamby experience the difficulties of having to adjust to being released by her maker, Bill. We’ve excerpted out the Bill Compton sections of an interview with Deboran Ann where she discusses her experiences on True Blood and her maker.


Jessica really has evolved so much as a character since Season 1. What have been some elements that you’ve enjoyed most about that journey?

Jessica’s is a coming-of-age story, and in any good coming-of-age story, the person has to learn how to be independent, how to take care of themselves. I think from where she’s started, which was living with very domineering parents who didn’t really want her to be an individual, she had to go through all the growing pains that come with that in terms of trying out every extreme of yourself, pushing to see where your strengths are and where your vulnerabilities are.

By the end, and I think it’s illustrated best in her relationship with Bill, she needed a strong father figure and she had that in Bill over the last six, seven years. Now that he’s leaving — and there’s more growing to do, certainly, in the last episode, and we’ll see how that relationship pans out — but she asked to be released in [episode] 9, and I think there’s something in that that says, “I am a grown woman. I’m capable of taking care of myself. I need you to recognize that, and recognize my independence.”

If Bill does end up dying the true death, how will she be able to move on from that?

Bill is the most important person in Jessica’s story. We can talk about the boyfriends as much as we want, but as far as I’m concerned, the story started with Bill and it will always end with Bill. At least this story of “True Blood” for Jessica will end with her relationship with Bill, and for me that’s the through-line for her, especially considering the troubles that she has with her real father. I think this was the story about the two of them growing together and learning from each other. The releasing thing is interesting, because there’s a lot of different reasons why she could do it. She could do it to hurt him, which was part of it. She could do it to assert her independence, which I think was part of it.

But I also think it’s a little bit of fear. He chose to go through something that’s going to be very painful for everyone around him, including himself. I don’t know that Jessica wants to have to experience that. I think that’s a very human and universal feeling. When someone you care about and love so deeply is going to be in pain, I think we get scared and we want to push it away. In that moment, she was so hurt and just thinking, “I can’t sit and watch him turn black and blue and bleed and die. I just can’t do it, and I need to be divorced from that.” Without giving too much away, that’s something that Jessica’s going to have to confront in the finale in terms of how she’s going to either choose or not to reconcile with Bill based on what he choses to do with his time.

Do you think — as Deborah, not as Jessica — that Bill made the right decision, as of episode 9?

He has room to change his mind. I would point out to people that we spent a lot of time this season looking at Bill’s human life. There’s a reason for that. I think there’s a strong reason for why we’ve seen how much he loved his human family, how much he missed of them. If you think back to Lorena, she basically made him give them up. He lost so much when he became a vampire, and I think that’s why we’ve seen him struggle so much with being one. I think Jessica is a part of his salvation in that a little bit. I think he loves her very dearly, and it was his chance to have a family in the way that he misses them, but I can understand Bill not really wanting to continue this — just for his own personal reasons, beyond the idea that maybe he’s causing Sookie or Jessica or people pain. There’s maybe more peace for him in death than there is in continuing to be a vampire, perhaps.

Do you think there are happy endings for some or all of these characters?

Happiness is variable. Life is life, and it has happy moments and it has challenging moments. Even if the show leaves some of our characters in a happy moment, we know that there will be challenges ahead. And if it leaves some characters in a challenging moment, we know that there will be happiness ahead. I would hope that no matter how the show ends, the fans keep these characters lives going in their minds and in their imaginations. I lived with Jessica for six, almost seven years. I have hopes and dreams for her that are as strong as my hopes and dreams are for myself. I absolutely have ideas of what happens to her after the last minute of the last episode.

Can you share one that’s not super spoilery?

I absolutely cannot think of a way to do it without spoiling. [ laughs] I do imagine her becoming a maker one day. Or it could be human children, perhaps. I see Jessica as being extremely compassionate and a care-giver. I would hope one someday that she would have someone to teach all the lessons to that she’s learned.

After filming the final episode, how did you respond?

We were all a little sad. This is a family of actors and crew but also a family of characters. Specifically on the actor point of view, I’ll miss the characters. I’ll never see Bill Compton again. Obviously we’ll hang out every once in a while and we’ll keep in touch, but I won’t ever see Bill, and a piece of that is really saddening to me. As the scripts started to wind down and we started to see, “Oh, this is the last scene for these characters together” or “This is the last time I’ll do my fang-out” — things that are really only going to happen on this show — and we watched them count down to done, that was hard.


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The Buzz: True Blood at Comic-Con 2013

True Blood is always a big presence at Comic Con each year and this year was no exception. Below is a video that HBO has just put out that shows some of the highlights from the cast attendance at the event. It is nice to see Deborah Ann Woll remembering Jessica’s dad, (Bill) Stephen Moyer, even though he couldn’t be there this year.

Comic Con 2013



source TrueBlood on YouTube

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Charity Auction Quickies of Magazines signed by Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Deborah Ann Woll

To celebrate (or mourn) the season finale of True Blood we are going to make a few fans happy with magazines signed by Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin and Deborah Ann Woll.

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Deborah Ann Woll on Jessica and Bill – ‘he’s really alone now’

One of the best things about True Blood vs. the books are the new characters that Alan Ball and his writing staff have created. And, perhaps the best example of this, is the baby vampire, Jessica. We first met the character of Jessica in Season 1 when Bill Compton was forced to turn her as punishment for having killed another vampire.

Deborah Ann Woll was cast in the part and has fulfilled the part amazingly well.  So much so that she is now one of the more popular members of the cast.

Jessica’s relationship is growing with Bill this season, her relationship with Hoyt is about to fall apart and the possible triangle created with what might happen between her and Jason Stackhouse has made for good viewing.

Below is the part of an interview with New York Magazine’s Vulture section where Deborah Ann talks about her relationship with her maker, Bill Compton.

Question: Part of being a vampire is being loyal to your maker. How would you defend your character’s maker, Bill Compton, who’s become a jerky politician?
DAW: He’s under incredible pressure. And he has some incredibly powerful people making decisions for him. I think Bill is as disappointed with that as we are. Bill is really alone now. He doesn’t have a family except Jess, and I think it’s really wonderful that this season they get to [bond] quite a bit. Because things aren’t going so great with [her human boyfriend] Hoyt, [Bill] is all that she has.

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