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Stephen Moyer signs the prizes for the “Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fundraiser”

The “Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fundraiser” went off to a flying start with almost 50 bricks sold and $1450 raised in just the first 2 weeks. Thank you all so much for your donations! Lynnpd and myself met up with Stephen Moyer on Thursday (June 24) in L.A, well… Lynnpd was the hostess and thanks […]


Billsbabes in the press

Fancast reports on the True Blood Paley Fest event and there I find the first mention of the Billsbabes: Inside the sold-out event, the female fans swooned and shrieked, particularly during the question/answer portion, which almost turned into a gush-fest over the cast’s handsome male stars. But Stephen Moyer seemed pretty flattered by the attention, […]