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Beam me up, Bill Compton.

It is all about Bill right now. Has he gone dark or is he plotting a master plan to overthrow the Authority? Personally I think that Bill is under the influence of the blood and Salome and his own need to believe in something, but I can’t shake the nagging feeling that he might still have a card hidden up his sleeve.

That vial of blood keeps showing up in every promo that we see and it’s no ordinary blood, that’s for sure. I wonder what Bill is thinking in this photo published on TVLine. There is the blood vial again, Bill wears the Lilith pin on his chest and he looks like he just stepped of the Starship Enterprise. Beam me up, Scottie and make it Sunday already.

Photo source TVLine

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Stills for True Blood episode 5.10: Where do Bill’s loyalties truly lie?

On the HBO website a couple of stills for episode 5.10 were found that focus on Bill and his state of mind. Does Bill have a plan? Has he turned to the dark side? Has he lost his way? The suspense is killing me.

The first still came with the caption: “Where do Bill’s loyalties truly lie?”


And the second with the caption: “Who’s in control of the vampire Authority?”

Thanks to Life for the find.

And another still we received from HBO.

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Michael McMillian on Bill Compton’s Possible Turn to the Dark Side

Bill hesitates when asked to feed.

Recently, Michael McMillian was interviewed by TV Guide. During the interview, he answered a question relating to Bill Compton’s possible turn to the dark side, i.e., is he no longer a purveyor of mainstreaming. Michael answered as follows:

McMillian: It’s interesting because I think that Bill has always clearly been a mainstreamer at heart. As far as we know, the only people he’s really fed on are people that he’s been in a relationship with. I think everyone’s playing a game at this point. I think he keeps his cards close to his chest. Obviously, he was keeping a secret from Sookie for three seasons that he had been sent there by Sophie to spy on her originally. Whether or not Bill is falling into step with the Authority and the new agenda is a bit of a mystery in the second half of the season.

Bill gives in to Salome

At the end of last week’s episode, we see Bill come up with a brilliant idea to defeat the main-streamers by blowing up True Blood factories. Eric looked as surprised as we were.

Bill evolves

Certainly, we might find out something in tomorrow night’s episode, but we want to hear your opinion? Is Bill becoming a worshiper of Lilith or, does he remain the mainstreamer we all know and love and it is all an act in order to beat the Authority?

Please leave us a comment below with your opinion.



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Andy Bellefleur Complains ‘Vampire Bill Keeps Taking All the Ladies’

True Blood’s Andy Bellefleur talks about Vampire Bill who keeps taking the ladies.

Below is a look at one of the Character Perspectives from True Blood: The Complete Fourth Season, where Andy goes on a quite the rant about Bill.

Yes sir, Andy Bellefleur (Chris Bauer) has had it up to here with the women in Bon Temps having “vamper fever.” In this clip, Andy pours his heart out to the camera, complaining that regular guys stand no chance against someone like vampire Bill due to his never-changing physique, his money and…other things.

Watch the video to listen to Andy go off about vampires, plus hear which human he thinks is “doing all right” with the ladies.

Click on the video to watch what Andy has to say.


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