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Could a True Blood Season 7 Bill and Sookie hookup happen?


We’ve beem wondering for a long time if Bill and Sookie will get back together and there are some signs that it might be happening before the end of the final season. Watch the promo clip for this upcoming episode of the two together that we posted yesterday.

We found an article over at where they discuss some interesting ideas about the possibility of a Bill and Sookie hookup and that it just might just happen. With the loss of Alcide, and Eric’s pending death, Sookie’s love life is getting a little less complicated on True Blood and they project that this leaves only one real contender for Sookie’s heart: Bill Compton.

Read more below:

On last week’s episode of True Blood, Pam told Bill not to risk his life to impress Sookie because they weren’t going to happen. To further disprove the Bill and Sookie forever theory, Sookie showed Eric more love and affection than she showed Bill all season.

Unlike previous True Blood seasons, we have no clue where this one is going. Spoilers are scarce. With all the sudden surprise deaths, we’re not even sure anyone will stay alive long enough to have any type of future on True Blood. The most likely ending of True Blood is everyone dying but Sookie and Jason. Then she starts a new life outside Bon Temps.

Pam’s words to Bill seemed like a foreshadowing of Bill sacrificing himself to win over Sookie’s love and forgiveness.

On the other hand, Pam’s words might be a trick to get viewers to give up on Sookie and Bill. Then surprise them when they reunite. Personally, we’d still be surprised if the series didn’t at least give Bill and Sookie some type of happy ending on True Blood‘s final season, especially since the series seems to blame everything that’s happened on their relationship.

They may have a dysfunctional romance, but the series has a “so what?” attitude about it. So why not give Bill and Sookie their happy ending on True Blood‘s final season?

I tend to agree with these assumptions, but because of all the talk of “many deaths” in season 7, my opinion is that the most likely outcome will be that Bill will sacrifice himself for Sookie, and meet the true end. However, my fervent wish is that HBO will throw us Bill fans a bone and insure that it doesn’t happen until the last half of the last episode at least, please!

What is your opinion? Let us know in the comments below.

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Sookie tells Bill, “It’s Just Lunch!”

You probably remember the sultry scene between Bill and Sookie in last week’s episode of True Blood where the two sat down together to discuss the plan. Sookie tells Bill that she is going to need him at his best that night so she offers him to feed off of her. Bills was shocked, to be sure that she would offer and says, “Are you sure?” Sookie replies, “It’s just lunch.”

It was a great scene, I thought, just tantalizing enough to get us all interested in a possible Bill and Sookie hookup.

HBO just tweeted this gif file of the encounter:

Screenshot 2014-07-16 11.30.49

And here’s a few of our screencaps from the scene. The first one shows Bill’s amazement at Sookie’s offer just before he takes his bite.


And, then he bites and feeds:



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New Video and Photos for True Blood Season 7, Episode 3


New Bill Compton centric video preview and three photos for True Blood Season 7, Episode 3, “Fire In the Hole”

In the video below, we see Bill and Sookie driving together and Bill tells her she will need his blood or he won’t be able to help her.

And below are three new photos from the episode:

Photo credit: Tony Rivetti/HBO and James P. Johnson/HBO

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Stephen Moyer on Whether Bill & Sookie will end together


Bill fans out there are wondering if Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse will have a happy ending by the time that True Blood wraps up at the end of August. Below Stephen Moyer talks about what might happen to their relationship:

Last year Bill Compton himself, Stephen Moyer, spoke with TV Line about the new season. Moyer told the publication that Bill might not be as big of A-hole this time around:

“I think that it’s really hard. The characters can’t [always] be who the audience — or the actor — wants them to be at all times. That would be dull. A bunch of people loved Bill and Sookie together, but a whole bunch of people didn’t. So you can’t just please this bunch or that bunch. As [series creator] Alan Ball once said, ‘I’m not interested in people being happy.’ And I’ve always said, as soon as you see one of our couples get together, you know [they're] f**ed. As soon as Hoyt and Jessica got together I was like ‘No! They’re going to f**ing kill this, I know they are!” Because [that relationship] was so beautiful… I loved playing [Bill]. I love him. Whether there were things that I feel were done well or badly or right or brilliantly, I love him.”

Stephen went on to talk about the possibility of Bill and Sookie having a happy ending together:

I don’t know whether they can be, given everything that’s happened between them. What Bill did was open up something inside her that she had never had before. He was the key to a new world for her. And maybe that’s all he was supposed to be–a window into that world. I don’t think that there is a right or wrong answer. I think a bunch of people would be happy if that was the story and a bunch of people would be pissed off if that was the story. I don’t read that s**t, so I don’t care, ultimately. All I want to do is do the show and have fun doing it.

Do you want to see Bill and Sookie live happily every after? 


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Bill Chronicles: True Blood Episode 7.01 – Jesus Gonna Be Here

It’s with a bittersweet feeling that I set out to write the last 10 Bill Chronicles. We have loved Bill from the moment he walked into Merlotte’s and, just like Sookie, we were swept off our feet by his Southern charm and good looks. Over the run of the seasons we have seen our beloved vampire change from Southern gentleman, to King of Louisiana, to blood god and now in the last season, hopefully, back to the Bill we love the most.

At the end of season 6 we left Bill at the vampire-human mixer at Bellefleur’s Bar and Grill with Sookie and Alcide and a horde of hungry Hep-V infected vampires that were coming their way. Will we ever know what Bill wanted to talk about with Sookie before they were so brutally interrupted?

After the tragic events at Bellefleur’s where many were killed and several abducted, Bill and Sookie find themselves looking at each other in the midst of the devastation that surrounds them. Is this some sort of indication for what’s to come this season? Will disaster bring Bill and Sookie closer together? I am not necessarily expecting for them to get back together, but I am hoping for forgiveness and a newly found understanding between them.


After Andy Bellefleur arrives at the scene Bill advices Bon Temps’ law enforcement that the vampires are probably nesting in a place that will keep them safe during the daytime. Every human needs a vampire and Bill offers to accompany Sheriff Bellefleur to the old slaughterhouse. Before they go Bill asks all vampires to take their assigned human back to the safety of their home where they will receive a sip of blood from their hosts in exchange for the provided protection. As co-organizer of the mixer Bill takes on the role of leader next to mayor Sam Merlotte and it’s obvious that Bill still plays an important part in Bon Temps’ society.


At the slaughterhouse Andy and Bill discover proof that vampires have been nesting in the abandoned building. Deep inside the building they find a bunch of bodies hanging upside down from the ceiling like slaughtered cattle. Bill seems more disgusted however by Andy’s vomiting then by the reeking cadavers. When Andy runs out of the room he stumbles upon Vince and his group of vampire hunters who had to same idea to search the old slaughterhouse for their missing loved ones. Since Andy is the sheriff of Bon Temps they blame him for the massacre, but Bill takes the responsibility pointing out the mixer was his and Sam’s idea and that Andy was not even present at the event. He offers himself in exchange for Andy’s release. Andy however takes over the gun and says he wants to be the one to do it. Bill seems to be accepting his fate, he was partly responsible for the death of 3 of Andy’s fairy daughters, and he doesn’t attack Andy to defend himself. Andy however turns on Vince and his bunch and chases them away.


Back at the Compton Mansion Bill thanks him, but Andy explains that he only saved his life because he needs him to find Holy and Arlene. But they are not good and will never be good. Bill nods in understanding. Looking at the porch of his home he sees a flashback of himself kissing his family goodbye when he went off the fight the Civil War. He too knows what it feels like to lose a family.

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