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Bill Compton’s Family photos

In one of the final scenes of True Blood, Bill Compton found the photo he took with his daughter Sarah back before he left for the Civil War. You may remember, we saw Bill and his family posing for photos in one of the many Bill flashbacks in Season 7.

Below is the photo of Bill and his daughter Sarah, that he will cherish for eternity.

bill and his daughter

Back in Season 1, when Bill spoke to the folks in the church at the Descendents of the Glorious Dead, the mayor brought a photo that he had found and gave it to Bill. It was a photo of Bill, his wife Caroline and his daughter Sarah and son, Thomas. When Bill received the gift, a tear came from his eye which he quickly wiped away with a handkerchief. This was the first time we learned that vampires cry blood as we saw the redness of his tears on the handkerchief, when he quickly put it in his pocket

Below is that photo. It’s nice to see the family together and we’re glad that Bill finally got to see the photo he took with daughter Sarah.



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Rest in Peace Bill Compton


It is with the great sadness that we not only say goodbye to True Blood the show, but to our favorite character, Bill Compton.

Now that a few days have past since the very last episode of True Blood has aired, we are ready to pay tribute to the vampire who was such an inspiration for us and all the Bill fans.

Bill decided to leave this life on his own terms, but that final tragic scene is not how we would like to remember Bill. We would like to commemorate him for the beautiful, loving and complex being that he was.

Before he was turned a vampire against his will at the end of the American Civil War, Bill was a dedicated husband to his wife Caroline and loving father of Sarah and Thomas.

His maker Lorena led him away from his humanity and he embraced the bloodthirsty vampire lifestyle until he started to struggle again with the memories of his humanity. He finally managed to break free from Lorena in the 1930’s and set out to live his own life always struggling with his own nature and darkness within.

When he arrived in Bon Temps in 2008, he was on a mission for his Queen, Sophie Anne to procure Sookie Stackhouse for her. While Bon Temps had been his home town during his human life, and he moved back into his family’s home when he arrived, he was there just to do a job, that is, until he met Sookie which changed everything.

Sookie was his miracle, the love of his vampire life, and she brought him back to his humanity, but also made him feel the burden of his darkness even more.

During Bill’s vampire life, he was forced to do things that were ultimately against his nature. He had to turn a young girl into a vampire; he was kidnapped by the King of Mississippi, held hostage and tortured by his maker and completely lost his way and sanity by becoming a vampire god.

As King of Louisiana he was caught between a rock and a hard place with the Authority trying to control him. He ultimately became a vampire savior, almost losing his life when he released everybody from vamp camp.

At the end of his vampire life, he reconnected with his love Sookie and then shared precious moments with her and his beloved progeny Jessica, whom he gave away in marriage.

Bill lived a long and complicated life filled with moments of utter happiness and deep despair and after he contracted Hep-V he decided that it was time for him to go.

We will never forget the moment we first laid eyes on him, when he strolled into Merlotte’s and ordered a Tru Blood.

We (Shad and Lynn), and all the Bill fans will remember the amazing moments we have had with Bill during the seven seasons of True Blood.

Goodbye dear Bill, we will never forget you.
Rest In Peace.

note: Jointly written by Shadaliza and Lynn

Below are two tribute videos to Bill that we thought might be nice to add to this post. If you haven’t seen the end of True Blood, I suggest you wait to watch them until you do.

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Brian Bucker Talks About Bill and True Blood’s Finale


In an interview, True Blood showrunner, Brian Buckner talks about the finale episode and the decisions the writers had to make about the ending for Bill and Sookie. 

Buckner explained Bill’s (Stephen Moyer) choice to die, not from Hep-V in the finale but by a staking from Sookie.

Part of Bill’s decision was to give her a normal life by having her use her fairy light on him, Buckner said, but his other motivation was the point of Bill’s flashbacks throughout the season. “It was all meant to tell the story of the natural course of a human life, and I think what Bill came around to was similar to what Godric [Allan Hyde] came around to [in season 2], which is that a human life is extraordinary too.”

Buckner, who has written for every season of the HBO drama and served as showrunner for the latest two, wanted to bring the story back to Sookie and Bill because their relationship “launched” the series,

he said. But “I think it’s obvious from these seven years that Sookie and Bill were not meant to be true love forever,” he said.
He pondered a finale — and even pitched it to HBO — in which Sookie gives up her powers, but it “felt really wrong,” he said. “The idea was that we wanted Bill to be correct when he said that Sookie could have a normal life, the twist of course being that Sookie choose to keep her power and specialness and persevere despite his belief that she couldn’t be OK without giving up her powers.”


To read this entire interview with Brian Buckner go to: The Hollywood Reporter

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