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Stephen Moyer Prompts Applause for Alan Ball at his Last Comic Con

Yesterday at Comic Con 2012 we saw the last True Blood Panel for Alan Ball as the Showrunner. He was especially candid and even did a body roll, like Alcide in Magic Mike on top of his chair. Joe Manganiello promptly got up and threw some cash at him. It was heartwarming to see the cast and all of the audience bow to him for his genius as creator of  the show.

Below we see Alan stand on a chair as he rolls his belly while Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin and moderator Tim Stack, right, look on during the event.

Led by Stephen, it was heartwarming to see the cast and all of the audience bow to him for his genius as creator of the show. Many members of the cast rose up to applaud the man who brought Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels to graphic life for five seasons and is now stepping down from his top post.

At the end of the panel, Stephen led the cast in applauding the audience.  They took their name plates, signed them and threw them out into the crowd of  fans who had flocked to the stage hoping for a closer glimpse.

Look for more info about the experience of attending the huge event that Comic Con is, coming soon!

See more photos from the panel by going to the Photo Gallery.

source: Lynnpd as attendee and

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Amazing! Thanks for sharing the experience with Lynn.


Alan doing a body roll, the cast signing and throwing out their name plates and the tribute to Alan … the pictures are awesome. I’m sure being there, listening to the discussion, jokes, questions and answers was a real treat for the fans. Kudos to cast, creator and Truebies alike.


Thanks, Lynn, for capturing  this for us.  So glad you were there as our eyes and ears.