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Stephen Moyer and True Blood Cast Talk About Comic Con

Stephen Moyer and several of the the cast members show appreciation for the overwhelming support of their fans in the video below.

By the way, they are standing on the upper level of the Warner Brothers booth that was located in the Comic con Exhibition hall. I’m guessing this video was shot between the panel and the autograph session which took place below at 6:00pm.  I was there and it was very packed.  We’ll be having a video soon showing you what it was like.


In the following video, Stephen Moyer is asked, while on the red carpet at the After Party, about when he first read Playboy Magazine. The After Party was sponsored by Playboy and the inside of the tent was decorated like the Faery Club on True Blood.



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Thanks for providing.  It's lovely seeing how the fans have embraced True Blood, and how grateful the actors are for the fan fervor. Enthusiasm for the show just keeps escalating, and deservedly so.


Stephen's Playboy "confession" was a fun bit.  However, he didn't actually say how old he was when he and the magazine were first introduced.