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Stephen Moyer in “Boots Graphic T” by John Vavaratos

Stephen was spotted the other day out and about wearing a grey t-shirt with a pair of boots silk-screened on the front. Our Billsbabe sleuth, Nickymouse, who is always on the look out for Steve’s T-Shirt origins, found the t-shirt on the Internet for our Moyer fashion section. From her research, she discovered that Stephen was wearing the “Boots Graphic T” by John Varvatos (see photo below).

We are beginning to wonder where he gets all these fabulous T-Shirts. Perhaps they are gifts, or he knows lots of designers. Or perhaps the designers know that he loves a well designed T-Shirt and sends them to him. At any rate, just by appearing in them, he adds a lot to their design and certainly helps to promote their work.


You can purchase the T-Shirt for yourself to wear or add to your Stephen Moyer T-Shirt collection at for $79.00. Yup, that’s how much it costs.

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LAST CHANCE: Billsbabes Day 2012 Sale ENDS TODAY

The last sales of Billsbabes Day 2012 come to an end today. The grand total that we have raised together for the Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fund will be announced next week.

This is your very last chance to place your bid or buy, the sales end today.

You can still place your bid on the Bill and Sookie dolls and photos signed by Stephen and Anna.


In the Bid N Buy Charity shop you can purchase bookmarks and pillow cases.

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Variety Talks about Stephen Moyer’s video for WIGS called, “Jan”

Recently, we posted the incredibly hot photos and video of Stephen Moyer in the new YouTube film that Stephen Moyer is going to be in called “Jan.”  Yesterday, Variety posted about the video series and we have scans of the article for you to see.

Click on the images to see a larger view or to see the images full size, right click and open in a new window.

Thanks to callonmebill for the scans.

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