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Alan Ball calls Anna Paquin the original Billsbabe on True Blood Season 4 DVD

Alan Ball and Anna Paquin did the audio commentary for episode 3 of the True Blood season 4 DVD.

While watching the scene of the fangbanger waiter hitting on Bill in the restaurant Alan asks Anna how often she has to deal with women and/or men hitting on her husband.

Anna: “You know, women quite a lot… men quite a lot. You know… I find it rather amusing. I particularly enjoy watching people trying to pretend that they want to talk to me too.”

“Can I get a picture with you guys?”
“You want me to take it?”
“Oh would you mind?”

“Ok babe, smile pretty.”

Alan: “But you were the original Billsbabe.”

Anna: “I did, I’m the OG.”


I had no idea what OG means but I was enlightened on our message board. OG stands for Original gangster and according the Urban Dictionary that is someone who has been around for some time [and has put in a large amount of work e.g. Killing enemy gang members. Therefore he is considered a more respected/ higher class member in the gang.] We’ll ignore the last part of the description.

Anna has the very first Billsbabes t-shirt that we ever had printed, which she received from us as a gift. Billsbabe and other merchandise is sold in our Zazzle shop in support of Stephen Moyer’s charitable causes. Visit the shop here.


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Andy Bellefleur Complains ‘Vampire Bill Keeps Taking All the Ladies’

True Blood’s Andy Bellefleur talks about Vampire Bill who keeps taking the ladies.

Below is a look at one of the Character Perspectives from True Blood: The Complete Fourth Season, where Andy goes on a quite the rant about Bill.

Yes sir, Andy Bellefleur (Chris Bauer) has had it up to here with the women in Bon Temps having “vamper fever.” In this clip, Andy pours his heart out to the camera, complaining that regular guys stand no chance against someone like vampire Bill due to his never-changing physique, his money and…other things.

Watch the video to listen to Andy go off about vampires, plus hear which human he thinks is “doing all right” with the ladies.

Click on the video to watch what Andy has to say.


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Two Additional Videos from True Blood’s Season 5 Premiere Night

The True Blood Premiere has certainly given us lots of eye candy of our favorite stars of the show.  It’s been months with very little and now we are almost overwhelmed with goodies. Below are two more videos from Premiere night where we learn a few additional tidbits about the upcoming season.

In the ET video Stephen talks about this year being a very “serious” year on the show. He says that the first episode is like a Juggernaut. Anna also talks about the forthcoming baby and that Sookie’s story has not been re-written because of the pregnancy. Also, some of the cast are asked about Anna as a mother and talk more about the show.

Click on the image to see this video.


And PopSugar also interview the stars on the night. Parents-to-be Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer couldn’t hold back their smiles as they were openly affectionate and neither could the rest of the cast as they spoke about the new addition to the True Blood family.  Stephen Moyer talks a bit about the “bromance” between Bill and Eric.

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Gery meets Robbie in new episode of ‘Jan’

Jan gets warned about Robbie and it turns out Gery has magic hands and he wants the camera back and then… Robbie walks in.


“Jan”: Episode 11 of 15 — “Cass”:
Robbie’s theft sends Jan into the world of LA’s homeless where she meets Cass, who knows of Robbie’s troubles. Gery and Robbie meet at Jan’s apartment and trouble ensues.


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We had a little Twitter chat with Laura Spencer, the girl who gets the neck massage from Stephen in the video.



“Jan” Behind-The-Scenes 9 of 12: “Cass Discovered”
Cass Castelow tells us how he met WIGS co-creator Jon Avnet, and describes the way his character mirrors some elements of his own life.

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