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Screencaps: Stephen Moyer’s Shots Fired Season 1 Hour 10

In Shots Fired Hour 10 titled, “Last Dance,” death of Joey goes to a hearing and we learn about the night he was killed & how Lt. Breeland took the fall for it.

Shots Fired Hour 10 recap videos

Tonight marks the last episode of Shots Fired and below we have videos from Hour 10 titled "Last Dance." Let's hope that more series like it that tackle difficult topics are seen in the future!

Shots Fired

Shots Fired reaches justice by killing Officer Breeland

Wednesday night marks the end of Shots Fired. We know that the show will reach a conclusion showing who will pay this week for the cover up.

Promo for Shots Fired Finale episode 10: Last Dance

The world will find out if evidence will bring justice to another innocent soul in, "Hour Ten: Last Dance," see the Fox promo video for this episode.

Out & About

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer out and about in LA

Last night while the very last episode of Stephen Moyer’s Shots Fired aired, he and Anna Paquin attended the Sony …


Could Anna Paquin’s Rogue make an appearance in “The Gifted?”

Could Anna Paquin's Rogue Show Up on Husband Stephen Moyer's 'The Gifted' X-Men Show? Well, it's possible, I suppose. But, will she?

Safe House - UK TV Show

Safe House Billboard featuring Stephen Moyer takes over Cannes

Eleventh Hour films launches first Safe House Images

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