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Facing The Atlantic Log Book: One week at sea

After their boat Patience had been repaired, Bertie and James started their Atlantic challenge again and left the harbor of La Gomera for the second time on Friday morning, December 9.

In a video they explain that one of the solar panels didn’t work and that’s why they decided to call the assistance vessel and be towed back to the harbor where fortunately the problem was fixed in a day.

RACE UPDATE 08/12/2011 from Talisker Whisky on Vimeo.


Determined to make up for lost time the boys rowed for 14 hours straight in 2 hours shifts before taking a break, resulting in 35 nautical miles rowed in the first 24 hours of their race.

Also that day an announcement came through from ICAP, one of Facing The Atlantic’s sponsors, confirming that they will be making a truly life changing donation to Bert and James’s chosen charity Facing The World.

On Saturday Patience overtook solo rower Tommy in his KED Endeavour and passed the El Hierro island heading for open sea.

Sunday brought rough weather and huge waves which broke of the oars (they have spares) and it was impossible to continue rowing. Waiting for calmer waters Bertie and James spent over 14 hours in the hot, sweaty, moist cabin. With the autohelm steering them in the right direction they still managed to make many miles and reaching speeds of 11.9 knots surfing down the waves, which did result in some “bottom clashing” in the small cabin.


On Tuesday the land crew posted the following on Facebook:

They are now getting into a good routine. They are managing 45-50 nautical miles every 24 hours and are looking to up that over the coming days. They are in sight of waypoint TWO which means they will have passed 4 lines of Longitude going WEST so far. They have a total of 44 degrees of Longitude to pass between La Gomera & Barbados. This is very important to them as they use them as goal posts. They (not sure who exactly!) are doing endless amounts of maths. They are predicting a 58 day crossing at the moment (on current calculations). They now realise this is a VERY LONG journey and are starting to settle in. They are really pleased with progress considering they are 4 days behind the fleet. Love getting your messages. The support is paramount to them. THANK YOU! :o)


On Wednesday Patience overtook the Team Tiger boat and gained steadily on the next boat in the race Boogie Woogie. From the land crew we learned that our boys are now rowing naked to prevent salt rashes and nasty chaffing (video and HQ photos to follow later ;)

Solo rower Tommy had to withdraw from the race due to technical problems. The boat of Team Tom capsized on Tuesday night and sank before their eyes, after spending 10 hours on a liferaft the boys were saved by a cruise ship. They are shaken but uninjured.

As of Friday morning Team Facing the Atlantic had another speedy past 24 hours with 52 nautical miles rowed and still 2183 miles to go to Barbados.

Bertie and James are in high spirits and they thank everybody for their support and messages of encouragement.


The race website posted an interesting video about how they locate the boats and we also see Bertie and James on sea, they are in the white boat, you hear James ask at the end of the video if they are doing well.

FINDING BOATS from Talisker Whisky on Vimeo.


You can follow the progress and adventures of the Facing the Atlantic Team on the Talisker Wisky Atlantic Challenge website and on Facebook and Twitter where the land crew Sam and Anna will keep you updated.


Be part of the adventure and participate in the Happy Holidays Giveaway.

Transform your Holiday presents into a donation for Facing The Atlantic and win one of  the awesome prizes.

Read more here.




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Kids enjoy Brentwood Theatre’s Christmas show thanks to AllStephenMoyer Fundraising

During the past year AllStephenMoyer raised money in various ways to help bring the children of Brentwood to see the Christmas production of Brentwood Theatre.

Yesterday it was the turn of one of “our” schools, the Crownfield Infant school, to enjoy the theatre’s own production of Jemima Puddle-Duck and her Friends.





Mark P. Reed, administrator of the theatre and co-producer of the show posted on his personal Facebook:

We have just had the most beautiful morning, 100 kids in from Crownfield, sponsored by who then met the cast afterwards. Ladies of New York and beyond, without you we might not be able to do a Christmas show, you are amazing. Thank you.

The children met the cast after the show and judging from all the happy faces a good time was had by all!

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Vote for Stephen Moyer as GQ UK Best Dressed Brit of 2012

Every year GQ UK selects the best dressed Brits of the year and for the 2012 list Stephen Moyer has received a nomination.

His photo is from the True Blood season 4 premiere, the light grey suit with vest and white shirt is definitely one of my favorite Moyer looks.

Vote for Stephen as Best Dressed Brit of 2012 click here.









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Happy Holidays Giveaway Prize: I Can Hear You by Chris Pierce

One by one we put the prizes in our Happy Holidays Giveaway in the spotlight. You can win these prizes by participating in our charity giveaway for Facing The Atlantic/Facing The World.

Read all the details here.



Giveaway Prize: 5 copies of Chris Pierce’s latest CD “I Can Hear You”.

The album showcases Chris’ tremendous musical dexterity for jazz, pop and soul. Like his “never-the-same-twice” live shows, “I Can Hear You” preaches a gospel to everyone, regardless of income, race, religion, or age, to feel, risk, step out and, open their heart, especially when it’s most difficult.

“Soul music is deeply rooted in so many American musical styles: gospel, work songs, blues, rock ‘n’ roll, rhythm & blues,” says Pierce. “But to me, it’s speaking from your gut, speaking your truths. That’s what soul music is to me.”

Try to catch Chris at one of his many live shows, in the past he has opened for B.B. King, Seal, Colbie Caillat, Al Green and Robert Cray, to name just a few. He has had song placements on the Oscar award winner Crash and several TV shows. His single “Are You Beautiful” has been used in a national Banana Republic ad campaign.

Chris is engaged to True Blood actress Tara Buck (Fangtasia waitress Ginger).

Visit Chris Pierce’s website for tour dates, albums and info. Checkout his YouTube channel for videos.

Prize ships internationally.


Chris Pierce – I CAN HEAR YOU – HOLLYWOOD RECORD RELEASE PARTY from Ante Rotim on Vimeo.

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Happy Holidays Giveaway Prize: Topaz earrings by Cadsawan

One by one we put the prizes in our Happy Holidays Giveaway in the spotlight. You can win these prizes by participating in our charity giveaway for Facing The Atlantic/Facing The World. Read all the details here.


Giveaway Prize: a pair of Topaz earrings by jewelry designer Janet Cadsawan.

Janet Cadsawan has designed several pieces that were used on True Blood including Eric’s Viking buckle and Godric’s Thor hammer necklace. The topaz earrings that she donated to our giveaway are inspired by the Sookie Stackhouse novels in which Bill gives Sookie a pair or topaz earrings.

When I unpacked it, I found a black velvet jeweler’s box tucked in the side pocket. I wish I’d had the strength to keep from opening it, but I didn’t. Inside was a pair of topaz earrings, and a note that said, “To go with your brown dress.” From Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris

These lovely earrings are made of topaz with silver and brass and gold plated silver earwires.

In the Cadsawan online store you can find more True Blood related jewelry.

Prize ships internationally.

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