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Happy Holidays Giveaway Prize: Fan Art and Jewelry

One by one we put the prizes in our Happy Holidays Giveaway in the spotlight. You can win these prizes by participating in our charity giveaway for Facing The Atlantic/Facing The World. Read all the details here.

Prizes ship internationally.


Painting by AnimaEterna

This original portrait inspired by True Blood’s Sookie and Bill painted in watercolors, ink and colored pencils created by AnimaEterna. 9″ x 12″. Painted with love and dedication.
Visit AnimaEterna’s website to see more of her work.


3 gift boxes with 2 angels each designed by Zuzana

The angels are all designed and made by Billsbabe Zuzana from Sweden. A typical angel is composed of no less than 11 parts that are assembled by hand. All parts of the angels are nickel-free and the large bead is the semi-precious-stone Jade. Each angel comes with a small pendant that reads: “Made with love”.


2 paintings by Cindy Helmoski aka Cindyloo

Cindy is a devoted Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin fan who kindly donated 2 of her paintings for this giveaway. “Good Evening Miss Stackhouse” is a acrylic on recycled paper, 12×18″ and “The love of my Life” a watercolor on paper, 8×10″.


You can win these prizes by participating in our charity giveaway for Facing The Atlantic/Facing The World. Read all the details here.

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Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin Give Their Dogs the Best of Care

We all know that Stephen Moyer is a real dog lover.  He and his wife, Anna have two dogs, Splash and Banjo.  Because of their busy lives, and because they want to be sure their pets are well taken care of when they must be away from them, they use the services of LA Dog works high-end pet palace.

EOnline tells us more about the care their two pups receive while they are away and how lucky they truly are to have such attentive owners.

Celebrities go to great lengths when it comes to keeping their pets close. But when stars must stray from their mutts, they generally drop off their dogs at a high-end pet palace.

A popular one in Los Angeles is LA Dogworks, which features a giant indoor dog park, a “den” with bunk beds for smaller dogs, hydrotherapy; aromatherapy; massage therapy; a full grooming salon, and so forth.

And if a star gets lonely for their dog, the folks at LA Dogworks take videos of the pet and send them off to the owner. Case in point, husband-and-wife True Blood team Paquin and Stephen Moyer.

Stephen Moyer has a dog named Splash, and he’s in hydrotherapy, as are many older large dogs, Rosenthal tells me.So I do videos of Splash in the water, with my iPhone.

Moyer loves getting the messages, Rosenthal says. (I asked whether Paquin and Moyer drop off their dogs themselves. Nope; an assistant does it.)

So how much does all this cost a star? The average is more than $100 a night, I am told. But really, for a taped hydrotherapy session for a dog sent over an iPhone, would you pay any less?


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Happy Holidays Giveaway Prize: CD’s signed by Abri van Straten

One by one we put the prizes in our Happy Holidays Giveaway in the spotlight. You can win these prizes by participating in our charity giveaway for Facing The Atlantic/Facing The World. Read all the details here.


Giveaway Prize: a signed copy of “Sunlight and Shadows” by Abri van Straten and “Imperceptible Shift in the Light” by The Lemmings.

South Africa born musician Abri van Straten is the lead singer, song writer and guitarist for the South African rock group, The Lemmings. Their 2009 album “Imperceptible Shift in the Light” holds 11 beautiful melodic songs and is the very CD that put True Blood actress Kristin Bauer on Abri’s tracks. Sometimes stalking does pay off: Kristin and Abri wed in 2009.

Now based in Los Angeles Abri released his first solo album last year. “Sunlight and Shadows” continues in the style of The Lemmings with Abri’s beautiful, husky voice and classical guitar style.

Visit Abri van Straten’s website for gig dates, videos and more info.

Prizes ship internationally.


Abri performs “Monet” written for his wife Kristin Bauer.
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Exclusive: Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgård on True Blood Season 5 Set

Last night, two friends and I drove to the set of the night’s shooting of True Blood and we were lucky enough to see our favorite vampires, Alexander Skarsgård (Eric Northman) and Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton).  Both men were so wonderfully nice to us and we are very grateful for the attention. Read our story below.

It was a cold and dark night and we had no idea who might be at the set, but we decided to go because, since it was a night shoot, we thought it might include our favorite vampires, Alexander Skarsgård and Stephen Moyer.  For most of the night we were cold and sad because it was an extremely closed set and we feared we wouldn’t get a chance to even know if they were there or, if they were there, whether we would even get an opportunity to see them or not.

We arrived to find an extremely industrial, unfriendly site at about 6pm. We drove around looking for sightings of our vampires or to see what might be happening. We knew early on that we probably wouldn’t see any filming because the security was too tight. We spoke to a guard and were permitted to see part of the shooting, but only from far away. I won’t give away any spoilers here guys, because we really didn’t go there to get any secrets, but I can tell you what we saw included a big “Kaboom“.  After that, at about 10:30 or so,  we walked back to our car trying to decide what else to do since we weren’t permitted to get close enough to see any of the filming properly.











It was late now, after 11pm and we had been sitting in our car for a while, which was parked by the stars trailers trying to decide what to do next. We sat debating whether to leave or stay and just then, Christy spotted Alexander Skarsgård coming out of his trailer. OMG, we all ran out of her car and went up to the fence calling to him. He immediately saw us and came right over. Christy had a poster from Straw Dogs that she wanted Alex to sign and he was more than willing to do so. However, there was about a 15 foot high fence between them. She asked him if he wouldn’t mind walking down to the catering trailer where she knew there was a gate where she could slide the poster through. We ran down there and met Alex. Christy slid her poster in the slit between the gate and the fence, but luck would have it, the gate was unlocked so we opened it and we therefore were able to talk to him and get photos. Alex was so nice and happily signed the poster in Swedish writing, Kram Christy! (Hugs Christy!). Then, they asked if he would pose for a photo and he gladly did.

We all noticed that Alex, our vampire Sheriff, had a beard.  We all thought that was rather strange because we all know that vampires can’t “grow hair”, or can they?  Are we to see a bearded Eric in Season 5?

I managed to film most of this, see photos and my video below.

Then, Alex left to get his dinner and go back to his trailer.  We walked back to the car with Christy and M’Lou very jubilant that they had seen Alex, gotten autographs and photos.

One vampire down, but still one to go.  If Alex was on set, Stephen must also be there. I decided that drastic measures were necessary as it was now getting pretty late. I decided to break my rule and took a chance and texted Stephen saying that we were on the set and had just seen Alex. I asked if he was on the set, too and, if so, I’d love to say “hi”.  If not, we wouldn’t stay.  He immediately wrote back and in no time we were back at the gate seeing Stephen Moyer live in a Henley, no less.

Stephen chatted with us, posed for photos and signed a True Blood script for Christy. He and I spoke about Bertie and James who are the two men of Facing the Atlantic, one of our charities. Stephen’s best friend, Bertie Portal and his friend, James Cash took off earlier this week for their two man row across the Atlantic Ocean, but after two days out they had to be towed back to the island to repair their boat’s broken power supply.  We discussed that they were back in La Gomera, but that they were hopeful that once the boat was repaired to set off again soon. This morning, we learned from them that indeed they will start again tomorrow morning. Read more about it here. By this time, the makeup people were calling Stephen so he had to leave, or I think he might have stayed and chatted even longer.

Below are photos of Christy and M’lou with Steve.

I joke all the time about not being able to take a good photo and so after Christy realised that my eyes were closed in the first photo she took of me with Steve, we posed for a second one. This time both she and M’Lou were shouting to me, “keep your eyes open” and I sure did. So, now I have one photo with Stephen where my eyes are closed and one where I look all “bug eyed.” However, I like the photos and we all had a good laugh about it.

So, as he left, we floated (and I mean floated) back to our car. By then, it was very late and we decided it was time to go. We were all so excited and thrilled by our adventure and went out to eat a well deserved meal before heading home late in the night.

My only regret is that I didn’t get a photo with Alex, but I know I will sometime!

A huge thank you to Alex and Steve for being so gracious and kind by spending time with us. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the True Blood people are simply awesome and I can’t wait for Season 5!


Thanks to Christy and M’Lou for sharing their photos and allowing me to include them in my story.

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Our Facing The Atlantic Rowers will start the Race again

Our rowers, that’s how it feels after having followed Bertie and James for almost a year in their preparation for the roughest rowing race in the world.

After being towed back to La Gomera because of a problem with the electrical system of the boat, we are so happy to report that the boat has been repaired and the Facing The Atlantic team will start the race again, from scratch, tomorrow morning at 7.15am.

A hug round of applause for Bertie and James, we were so kind to give the other teams a head start.


Be part of the adventure and participate in the Happy Holidays Giveaway. Transform your Holiday presents into a donation for Facing The Atlantic and win one of  the awesome prizes. Read more here.

Follow Bertie and James on Facebook and Twitter.

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