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Stephen Moyer in UK MORE! Magazine from…. 1999

Before True Blood Stephen Moyer never did a lot of press, so finding him in a magazine from 1999 is like a finding a rare treasure.

The April issue of the UK magazine MORE! featured a special to inform us girls how the other half thinks, including one page Q&A’s with several young and hot British actors. The 29 year old Stephen Moyer was one of the featured hunks.

In 1999 Stephen played the part of Dr Tom Scott in the series Life Support, where he appeared in 5 episodes. No doubt all his patients suffered from high blood pressure and heart palpitations as soon as Dr Tom stepped into the examination room.

Unfortunately Life Support is one of Stephen’s works that we haven’t seen yet, so if you know where to find it, please let us know.

Special thanks to the very generous Billsbabe who procured this magazine for

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Sam Trammell and Stephen Moyer united in True Blood Team BAM Charity Auction

We’re excited to announce the second auction of original art work by the amazingly talented Andy Swist. Last year we auctioned a Bill and Sookie painting by his hand, now it’s time for the Team BAM painting Andy made of Bill and Sam.



Remember that scene between Bill and Sam in True Blood season 3….. ? I bet you do….!



Andy Swist is a New York based illustrator and graphic designer, best known in the True Blood fandom for the Bloodwork True Blood vlogs he does together with husband Brian and the True Blood paperdoll collection. Stephen Moyer is a fan of Bloodwork and he told us that he thinks that “the Andy pictures are amazing”. And we totally agree with him!


The proceeds of this auction will be donated to The Surfrider Foundation, an organization that is very close to Sam’s heart and that he has supported for many years.

The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world’s oceans, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network. Founded in 1984 by a handful of visionary surfers in Malibu, California, the Surfrider Foundation now maintains over 250,000 supporters, activists and members worldwide. For more information on the Surfrider Foundation, visit Follow Surfrider on Twitter or Facebook.


Lynnpd of The Vault met up with Sam Trammell last year at the yearly Surfrider event in Malibu. Sam told her why he supports the organization.


Read the complete coverage of the event here.



The Vault – auctions off for Surfrider:


- Bill and Sam painting by Andy Swist signed by Stephen Moyer and Sam Trammell

- Team BAM t-shirt signed by Stephen Moyer and Sam Trammell

- Team BAM women’s boy briefs signed by Stephen Moyer and Sam Trammell

- Bill photo signed by Stephen Moyer

- Sam photo signed by Sam Trammell

The auction winner will also receive the HQ photo files of Sam and Stephen with the items.


Visit the auction listing and place your bid:

The auction ends on May 26



You can support Surfrider also by making a donation.

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Bill Compton ‘Top Of The World’ in NOLA

As we already posted, Stephen Moyer and the cast and crew of True Blood were filming in New Orleans last night. We’ve found some additional photos from the fans on Twitter and this one was one of the best. King Bill atop the taxi above the crowd. Cannot wait to see this scene; should be epic!  See all the photos in our photo gallery by clicking on the link at the end of this post.

photo source: @PatOBriensBar


Photo sources: tumblr askarsswedishmeatballs, @eccentriceye, Irene Clara, michalleehall, @mysterion9x9, pootie27, @EricNorthman12, ajcortez504, @DanSTL77 @brushfirefairy, @iamtes, @PatOBriensBar, @jencrij, msladyc, @tonycarrini,

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Alexander Skarsgård takes Stephen Moyer for a piggyback ride in New Orleans

From Twitter we had already picked up that several of our vampires had traveled down to New Orleans a couple of days ago.

Last night a scene was shot on Bourbon Street in the middle of a huge crowd and photos are flying all over the internet.

Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgård, Michael McMillian, Denis O’Hare, Carolyn Hennesy and Peter Mensah were spotted.

Denis O’Hare tweeted:


The best pic of the night is Alexander taking Stephen for a piggyback ride. (source @mysterion9x9)


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Photo sources: tumblr askarsswedishmeatballs, @eccentriceye, Irene Clara, michalleehall, @mysterion9x9, pootie27, @EricNorthman12, ajcortez504, @DanSTL77

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