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The Bill Chronicles: Episode 5.02 – The Authority Always Wins

It strikes me as curious that Bill seems to know so little about the Authority. The Authority rules over the entire world population of vampires; imposing their laws on to them and making decisions that affect all vampires on the deepest level of their being. One would think that the vampires would be more aware of their political and spiritual leaders who are responsible for the whole “coming out of the coffin” and mainstreaming movement.

It’s not like Bill has never been in contact with representatives of the Authority before.
In season 1 Bill was subject to vampire law when he was forced to turn Jessica on the order of the Magister who worked directly for the Authority, carrying out their rules.
Since the 1980’s Bill worked for Authority Chancellor Nan Flanagan on whose orders he infiltrated in the household of Queen Sophie-Anne and played a vital part in her downfall. As a reward for all his hard work, Bill received the title of King of Louisiana. A position in which, again, he served directly under Nan and the Authority carrying out their laws in their name.
Bill proclaimed in season 4 that he was the Authority when he pronounced the death sentence of a fellow vampire, but we know now that nothing was further from the truth.

Unless Bill still has another card hidden up his sleeve, it’s safe to say that he was no more than a puppet in a play written and directed by the Authority Chancellors. I do find it curious that he learned so little about the Authority in all those years he worked for them.

Since Eric’s sister Nora is an Authority Chancellor and he is over a thousand years old (lots of time to pick up info), I think that Eric might possibly know a whole lot more about the Authority than Bill. But since “he tries to stay away from politics as much as possible”, it’s likely that he never took an interest.

When Bill and Eric are brought to New Orleans, we get a first look at the Authority’s headquarters: well hidden, well secured and high tech on all levels, even when it comes to torture methods. Prisoners are interrogated without spilling a drop of blood, but with the maximum amount of pain. Soft voiced interrogators who press the button of a torture device with a smile are truly scary.

But before the fun begins, Bill offers to sacrifice himself by taking all the blame on him and asking for the release of Eric and Nora, an offer that is answered by painful UV radiation. Why didn’t they hide under the beds to protect themselves?

Dieter (impressive performance by Christopher Heyerdahl) and Salome (Valentina Cervi) ask Bill and Eric various questions and try to convince them that the other has turned on him and has already been set free, but Marcellus and Ike weren’t born yesterday and do not give in. I love the sarcasm they display in such a dark hour.

Bill: “That is such happy news.” and “I just really enjoy your company.”
Eric: “Nan Flanagan is dead?” and “Long live the King.”

We learn that there is such a thing as a vampire bible that predates the Christian bible: the Original Testament. It states that before God created Adam and Eve, He created Lilith. Who, like God, was vampire. Human was created to nourish vampire. Although the Authority worship Lilith and God, the literal interpretation of the text goes against their mainstreaming philosophy and with torture they want to find out if Bill is a fundamentalist who collaborates with the Sanguinista Movement.

When they are brought before the Council we meet the rest of the Chancellors and in particular the Guardian, Roman.

I had been looking forward to see Christopher Meloni on True Blood and I am not disappointed. The first acquaintance with Roman was impressive and I was blown away by Chris’ performance. The Aramaic prayer and the distribution of sacramental blood were extremely powerful. Curious that the blood of Lilith comes from Roman’s wrist.

Roman is clearly power obsessed and enjoys showing off his superiority by scaring the crap out of Bill by pretending to stake him. They already gave Bill the most uncomfortable pair of handcuffs and now also this. Eric tries to save him by saying he was responsible for not killing Russell Edgington.

Good thing that Fuckup One and Fuckup Two fucked up the termination of Russell Edgington by burying him in cement instead of killing him, because the ex-king of Louisiana is now the only thing they have to offer in exchange for their lives.

But the Authority always wins and I fear our favorite odd couple will face some difficult challenges before they will be able to sleep easy. Can’t wait what next week’s episode will bring us.

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