• He’s looking thoughtful, pensive and gorgeous.  Looking forward to more Bill flashbacks.

  • I am always eager to see flashbacks of Bill both as human and vampire.  Whereas I am willing to watch Bill do anything ( recycle,, change his shoelaces, open mail) but I am nervous because I am not sure they aren’t setting us up for heartbreak.  I hope it’s fear talking.. Still looking forward to seeing more of Bill’s past and present.

  • I’m right there with you, WillKill, but I can’t believe that the show runners would break our hearts again. Bill has got to have a happy ending. It may not turn out the way we Bill fans would have written it, but it’s got to be good.

  • Willkill4Bill I’m holding out hope that Bill and Sookie will some how, some way, end up together.  Season 1 brought them together in a great love story.  Subsequent seasons pulled them apart for various reasons.  It’s time to return to that love, which is what started it all.  A vampire walked into Merlotte’s and life was never the same afterwards, for Sookie and for the rest of our Bon Temps family.