• I totally love this!!
    JASON’s giving it to both Wiliam Thomas Compton III & Eric Northman,
    on their behaveiour concerning his baby sister Sookie!!
    Bill’s all ready to send Antonia Gavelon Del Lagronia back to 1610 Spain
    with his love Sookie Stackhouse in the damn building!!!
    Eric Northman,Sheriff of Area Five and Bill’s boss wants to do the same.
    Eric seems to have forgotten what he’s just been through~and who he has
    to thank for saving his life!!!
    now we know that the four Vampires who are outside of MoonGoddess are
    Eric,Pamela,Jessica & Bill~ where’s NAN FLAGANAN???
    JASON will stop them before they fire a shot!!!!

  • I laughed greatly at ‘Fucking Sookie’! They are just reading my thoughts. Even Bill couldn’t stand saying this! It’s not a woman but a damned disaster to all her vamps!