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The Barrens aka Jersey Devil available for pre-order on

Good news for the German fans. The Barrens is available for pre-order on, in Germany the film is called Jersey Devil and will be released on November 30th.

No other European release dates have been announced yet, we are on the look out and hope to report new dates and countries soon.

Place your DVD order on
Place your Blu-Ray order.

Thanks to Stephen Moyer Fans Deutschland on Facebook for the scoop.

The German version has a different DVD cover.


The Barrens


That is awesome news for Stephen's German fans. 


As a big German Fan  i`m very happy about this news :D Thank you for posting it!! I love the cover, as well...

Véro Nique
Véro Nique

I can`t believe it yet that we`re so lucky to have this movie soon *happydance*