True Blood Episode 5.06 Recap “Hopeless”

Below is a video recap of this week’s True Blood episode 5.06 showing us the hightlights that happened.

Another great episode. Bill and Eric found Russell and he is taken to the Authority, Sookie and Jason look for the truth about their parents and Terry tells Arlene that he has to leave.


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  1. Sookie zapped Russell at the beginning of the epi, but her microwave fingers sputtered in the fairy club. We meet Claude again; Sam saves Andy’s life; Hoyt is taken by the masked vigilantes; Martha provides a safe haven for Emma; and oh my … we say goodbye to Roman (at least it appears that way). That was a big surprise. Alcide is challenging for leadership of the pack, and Rikki steps up to be his second. Jason shares the truth of their parents’ death with Sookie; and sadly, Terry leaves Arlene and the children to keep them safe. King Russell has recovered, is back on track, and a force to be reckoned with.  Wow!!! A jam-packed episode.

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